Summer Season — The Best Time to Sell Your Home

Perhaps you are planning to sell your home but have no idea when is  the best time to do it. Well, if you’re not sure when you can put your property on the market, this article provides valid reasons why summer is a perfect time for selling your home.

While summer is known for vacations and fun outdoors, the best season for selling properties begins in spring and extends through summer. Winter comes with severe drops in temperatures and some people would not like moving during that period. The school year also ends in late spring and many families buy homes around this time before the new school year begins. But these are just a few reasons why you should consider selling your home in summer. Here are more:

Faster Closing of Sales

As a property seller, you want to close the deal as fast as possible and move on. However, many times this doesn’t happen, given the high competition in the real estate market. Usually, it takes about 45 days to close a home sale and this is likely to increase based on the market trends. Summer comes with increased activity such as moving and buying new properties that are likely to buy the real estate market. Whether you choose to involve an agent or just do it your way, you are more likely to land a buyer faster and close the sale than if you do it in other seasons.

More time to concentrate on the sale

As noted earlier in this article, most people take their vacation in summer. Besides, the season has long weekends, which means you’ll have more time even if you don’t take time off your work schedule. With that in mind, you’ll be able to list your property, engage buyers, and eventually land a sale. Selling your home is no mean feat and that’s why you need enough time to focus on the details for a better return on investment.

Summer improves the curb appeal

One of the things that entice property buyers is the curb appeal, says It’s the first thing they see once they get to your house. This condition is at its peak in summer, when trees look green and beautiful with blooming attractive flowers. Te curb appeal provides a nice packaging to your property and once the package is nice, it’s halfway sold. Since you have the time, you’ll just focus on a few fixes on your landscape, the flowerbeds, the shrubs, and the lawn to make sure they are lush and full.

More time to renovate

In addition to focusing on the sale, summer gives you the time to ensure that your property is in the best condition before selling it. Ensure the roof is perfect. Give the kitchen a facelift. What about a new coat of paint at the entrance? These activities can go a long way to speed up the sale and even boost the value.

More People are Active in Summer

Summer provides the best time for people to move around and explore neighborhoods. The sunny days, holidays, parties, and families together, it’s a period full of activity. This is good for your marketing strategy as your “For Sale” sign is likely to attract more people.

Family Moves

With kids home from school, many parents prefer to move in summer. Importantly, the children will have the time to adjust to their new location. Besides, the weather is perfect and that means less hassle because you don’t have to deal with harsh weather conditions. Therefore, families that plan to move around this time are likely to be in your category of buyers.

There are More Home Sales in Summer

Owing to the favorable conditions that accompany the season, between 30 and 40 percent of properties are sold during summer months. Having your home for sale at this time will definitely increase the chances of landing a buyer and fetching a better price.

Final Thoughts

Selling your home is a personal decision but eventually, you have to consider what is best for your family and your budget. For instance, if you’re selling your current property to relocate to a new residence, you must factor in the cost of your new home, the down payment, moving costs, and others. All the same, with the benefits mentioned in this article, summer remains the best time to sell your home.

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