First up, tell us bit about yourselves – what led you teaming up as Sunset Jet?

We started from a message board really. Marcus put something up looking for a band and Jon replied, they were jamming for a while. Me and Dan were in a different band, we both quit to join this band, but neither of us realised that the other had done that until we met at the first practice!

Who do your take inspiration from?

This is a weird one because who we’re inspired by and who we sound most like are really different. I think we have kind of a cribsy-sound but personally I’m inspired by guys like The Beatles, Marcus loves Haim and Foals, Jon likes new wave like the cure and the smiths. Dan will pretty much listen to anything that’s been on an air guitar compilation album.

Why the name ‘Sunset Jet’? 

We had a gig coming up and still didn’t have a name so we spent about two hours arguing over various names with no answer. Then as I was driving home I just kinda came up with it. Luckily the other lads agreed!

How would you describe your musical style? 

Anthemic Indie.

If you could collaborate with any living artist or band, who would you choose?

The Beatles, hands down, back when they were in the abbey road phase. That stuff is brilliant, might’ve been overshadowed though!

Tell us about your single ‘Live The Masquerade’, what’s it about? 

Live The Masquerade is about the person we pretend to be when we meet new people. Pulling on a persona to impress them. It’s also about the guilt, when you feel you’ve just kind of bullshitted someone into liking you.

When did you write ‘Live The Masquerade’, and where did you record it?

I’ve been writing Live The Masquerade for about two years! It’s changed loads, but always had the same name weirdly enough. We recorded it in April at Brighton Road Studios.

How does ‘Live The Masquerade’ represent your style?

Live The Masquerade is our set closer, so it’s the epitome of our sound really.  It’s also the one where the crowd reaction is always great. Everyone gets hyped together and that’s what we want really, it’s written in a way that you can’t sing it on your own so you need mates!

What are your hopes for ‘Live The Masquerade’?

We just hope that people hear it and feel the same way that we and our audience do when we play it live.

What other plans do you have for the year?

We want to come and play some shows in the UK and meet some new crowds! We’ve got singles recorded so we’ll be releasing those over the next couple of months, so hopefully we can grow a fan base and just keep playing to great people.

Finally, if you could go back in time and give yourselves one piece of advice, when would it be and what would you say?

Don’t buy a whiteboard as the first band investment.

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