How to write a welcome email

When a new employee is hired it is very necessary to welcome him or her. It is very essential to build a strong employee-manager relationship and for that, the onboarding experience of a new employee is very crucial. It is true that there are a number of ways by which you can welcome your new hired employee but most effective is by writing a Welcome email to him or her. But when you will draft a welcome email you have to ensure that it has to be as formal as any other business letter.

Drafting a welcome letter is not an easy task and it should be straightforward and concise. You should give all the information that the new employee needs to know. Apart from that, it is also important to put your excitement into words. So, in this article, we have come forward with a welcome email template that will certainly help you to draft the welcome email in a precise manner.

Template for writing a welcome email

If you are a manager or team lead of any department then you must follow the following standard welcome letter format:

Dear <Last name of the new employee>,

Welcome to company <Name of the company>! Today I am very excited to add another person to my team. I am sure that your dedication, determination, and personality will fit well in our team and you will prove yourself to be a vital member of our team.

Though I had an opportunity to interact with you during the interview process, yet I am very eager to know you better. I have been working with this company for last seven years and as per my experience, I can assure you that it is the best place to work in and each day I get an opportunity to learn more and more. I shall like to inform you that I will be your reporting manager in this company and as your manager, I hope and sure that you will contribute to your full potential to the growth of the team and the company.

As your joining will be on <Date from which the new employee will join> I shall like to see you at our main office on that day right at 10 am. We will then start with a cup of coffee and I shall tour you the office casually to meet with everyone. Then, I let you understand your work and you have to do some of the paperwork and then I will send you on your way.

This is how you have to start to an awesome journey. I am sure that you will grow as a new employee, learn from your teammates, and ultimately get appreciation from the client as well.

Looking forward to day one,

Your Manager,

<Your Name>

<Your Designation>

<Your Company Name>

Tips to write an impressive welcome letter

The following are some essential tips for writing an impressive welcome letter when a new employee joins your team:

  • Welcome the new employee: The first thing that you need to do is to welcome the new employee. This is certainly a great opportunity to express your genuine excitement and happiness to welcome the new employee in your team. But remember you should not make it too long and try to complete your expression within a couple of lines.

  • Introduce yourself: The next essential thing that you need to do is to introduce yourself. You can be a little bit personal here and summarize it well about you and your role in the company. You can also describe a little on your journey to the current role in the company. Share a little bit of your experience to encourage the new employee. If you can share your experience in the correct way then it might ease the nerves of the newly hired employee and also help you to become more personable. But you should not share too much of your experience and it may create a negative impact on the newly hired employee.

  • Share some common goal and your expectation: You can share some goal of your company with the new employee. Apart from that, you can also express all your expectation from the new employee and the normal work that he or she has to do to accomplish the goal of the company.

  • Outline the onboarding journey: You can explain a little on the onboarding journey. Mention all necessary things that will be done on the onboarding journey. Also, you should mention the things that he has to do on that day before starting the journey. For example, in some company, a new t-shirt or notepad or pen is given to the new employee on the onboarding day. You can mention all these in the email.

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