“Eu Vim Da Bahia,” by rookie recording artist Integriti Reeves

In “Eu Vim Da Bahia,” rookie recording artist Integriti Reeves shines like a diamond in the rough and successfully mixes two unique styles of jazz together in a melodic marriage that you have to hear for yourself to fully appreciate. Reeves straddles a bumpy bassline with the swagger of a studio pro, adding in a dash of Latin jazz here and a pinch of postmodern vocal pop there, all the while staying relaxed and focused in her delivery. Her peers could stand to learn a lot from her cool, calm and collected attitude, but that’s not the real reason why you should pursue “Eu Vim Da Bahia” this season.

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This single’s layered master mix was crafted to please any ear, and it doesn’t ask a whole lot out of us in exchange for the wealth of harmonic colors that it dispatches so seamlessly. Instead of positioning the guitars next to the drums and the vocals, they’re on top of everything, guiding the rhythm of the song with their urban swing. Reeves is in the eye of the storm, conducting her orchestra of textures with as much emotion as you would see in a mother nurturing a beautiful newborn child.

The violin’s vibrant melodies are quite fetching, but they’re a bit too loud for my taste at the midpoint of this track. This part of the arrangement gets a little clustered, but just when it seems as though everything is going to come apart at the seams, Reeves comes swooping in with a majestic lyrical groove that instantly rights the ship and gets us back on an even trajectory. She never hesitates in her attack here, and even when she’s coming after the verses with a mighty zeal, she avoids any overindulgent temptations that come her way.

There’s no competing between the players comprising Integriti Reeves’ backing band in “Eu Vim Da Bahia;” in fact, they sound more like a well-oiled, practiced machine instead of session musicians employed for a solo project. The harmony that they strike up in this track is much stronger than what I was anticipating to hear (especially considering that this is Reeves’ debut single), and I think that if they were to go in a slightly more experimental direction, there’s virtually no limit to what they could accomplish in the studio together. This young woman has a voice that could support jazz, pop and even bluesy melodies, and it would be a shame to see her talents go unutilized in a bid to retain an exclusive audience in the future.

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Eu-Vim-Da-Bahia/dp/B00J49XLGS

If this is a taste of what’s to come next from Integriti Reeves, then there’s no question that she’s going to become a very popular figure in the contemporary jazz underground as the 2010s roll into the 2020s. She’s singing with so much heart in “Eu Vim Da Bahia,” and really all of the material that her EP Stairway to the Stars contains, and reminding longtime Latin jazz fans that the genre is hardly dead – contrarily, it would appear that it has never been more alive than it is today.

by Joshua Corbin

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