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In the past century, we’ve seen rock music climb to the top and conquer all the charts…but now things are beginning to change a little bit. See, while sex and rock and roll went hand in hand back in the day, we now have trap and rap music that are most commonly associated with sex, while rock music has moved into the underground. People say that today, rock music is still pretty relevant and that there are many great mainstream rock bands, which is true. However, the rock sound has changed quite a bit. You can’t really call bands such as Imagine Dragons or Coldplay to be proper rock bands in the end.

They sound nothing like Nirvana (which was basically the last huge rock band that made a big cultural impact on both American and European society), they sound nothing like Metallica, and so on. The late nineties and the early 2000s did show us that heavy music can easily become mainstream with bands such as Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Korn, and so on. However, these bands quickly ended up completely changing their sound (the Linkin Park of today sounds nothing like it did back in 2004 with all the aggressive rapping, screams and heavy guitar chugging) or just straight up disappearing from the scene. Do you think anyone even remembers P.O.D or Mudwayne these days? Limp Bizkit, even?

Well, if someone does, those are die hard fans that just can’t let the past go, and obviously, there aren’t many folks like that out there. However…no matter which music genre is the most popular one at the moment, the most popular artists tend to brag about all the sex with groupies that they have, even though drilling gold diggers isn’t something to brag about. These women are just there for the cash and the fame, and they want to take the easy route, rather than working on themselves, writing their own music, singing, or doing whatever the hell they’re good at. None the less, sexual power indeed is pretty important, even today. Maybe it is even more important these days.

When Elvis was swinging his hips back in the day, what he was doing was considered to be outlandish and horrible by many, but people kinda gave in and accepted the way he moved and ended up liking it. He is referenced by many artists to this day, which is a tremendous feat. All in all, the dude was a sex appeal powerhouse, and everyone knows it. Nowadays, rappers like Mac Miller got to get their hands on gorgeous girls such as Ariana Grande and Halsey (who was in a relationship with rapper G-Eazy), so it is more than obvious that rap is the next big thing. But yes, with fame and power, the girls come as well. There’s a guy out there called  MrPornGeek who can tell you all about it…so you better hit him up! He may not be a vocal coach, but he knows a thing or two when it comes to getting girls.

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