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Unicorns are thought to be the pinnacle of human imagination. They are beautiful, feel good creatures, and most importantly, they do not exist in real life. Although they capture the human imagination in varied ways, they have to be seen mostly as pets of mythical feminine characters.

And it is for the last reason that mostly unicorns are a hit among girls.

Girls of all ages have a soft corner for unicorns and have at some point wanted to have one as a pet. While in present conditions, it is most unlikely for most girls to not be able to get a pet pony, or learning to ride one in their lawn.

So, if you are thinking of buying a gift for a girl within the age bracket, where she has still remained enchanted by the imaginary feats achieved by the human civilization, you can walk the unicorn path. Unicorn presents can be a very good option for girls and have a wide variety to choose from.

It is to answer these needs, that we have picked some of the best unicorn gifts that can be bought, based on the temperament of the child.

Best picks of unicorn gifts:

Here are some of the essential items which are based on a unicorn theme. These items are most suited for children of the higher age bracket.

  1. Unicorn stationery

If the child you are buying the gift for is studious and takes her school work seriously, this kind of gift is most suited. These include notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers, pencil bags etc. All based on the unicorn theme.

  1. Unicorn LED lamps

These can be very useful in a child’s room. They are a good substitute for night lamps. They would have required a lamp anyway, but when the lamp is shaped like a unicorn, the child just loves it more.

  1. Unicorn water bottles

These are good for school going kids. They do tend to forget drinking adequate water, but when they carry this cute thing along with them, they might love to take a regular sip from it. Therefore, it not only makes her happy but will also keep her healthy.

  1. Unicorn liquid holder

Does your child hate her milk? Does, she hates the veggie soup that you prepare for her? Again like the water bottle, here’s a little magic trick straight from the world of fairies – a unicorn liquid holder-cup-sipper.

Apart from these, there are unicorn toys and recreational items which will make the play time of your child more magical than ever.

  1. Paint your own unicorn

A dedicated painting book for unicorn lovers is probably the best gift which you can select for your crafty little princess. If the child likes unicorns and is at a stage of learning how to paint, this will probably be a source of encouragement for her.

  1. Unicorn soft toys

The night time is when a child wants to keep the things closest to their hearts by their side. A unicorn soft toy will allow them to keep their imaginary best friend beside them as they sleep.

  1. A ride on a unicorn

A man-sized (rather a child-sized) unicorn that your child can ride on, is probably the best way to make the playtimes of a child magical if they are in love with unicorns.


As discussed, unicorn toys are very pleasant as they can make your kids engrossed in playing with them and create an imaginary world of theirs. So, what are you waiting for? Buy these unicorn based gift items for your child and bring a smile to their face.

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