Top 5 Investment Opportunities with a Small Start-Up Budget

There is an erroneous assumption that to start investing in your future, you need to have lots of money in your pocket. But what if we tell you that you can safely begin investing with as little as 100$ and still strike it rich? Sounds somewhat weird, right? Not at all! Just like you do not have to be a politician to become president, you do not need to be a Trump-breed type to become a billionaire. Thankfully, nowadays, there are plenty of apps and online platforms which help you invest in the stock market spending just $50 per month.

In this article, we will cover the top 5 opportunities that will help you manage your assets reasonably. The bottom line is that investing does not take millions. What it takes is just to get started! So let us see what the market has to offer for those who strive to invest cost-effectively. 

Manage Your Bank Investments Smartly with BBVA 

We will first turn to the conservative investment option – bank savings. Truth be told, bank investing is not the most exciting way to benefit from your money. However, if done smartly, it can still make you a penny and help save up for a more significant investment in the future. BBVA (BBVA Compass) is a digital platform designed to help you manage your bank investments using a user-friendly and multifunctional Money Market account.

Leave the Management Hassle to Betterment

If you are seeking more advanced investment options, then it will not take much of your time to find one.The digital market these days offers so-called automatized advisors and platforms that manage your investment activity, offering exchange-traded funds (ETF), which suit your portfolio best. Betterment is a vivid example of this technology. All you need to do is just regularly fund your account. The rest of the hassle concerned with investment selection and re-balancing your funds is laid upon Betterment digital platform. What is more, using Betterment does not require making any initial deposit. You only commit to making monthly contributions of as little as $100. The platform will only charge a 0.35% of your account budget as management fees. 

Get Cash with a Generous Interest Rate 

At this point, lending peer-to-peer platforms are gaining ground among users all over the world. Lending Club is one of the best lending apps in the row. This digital lending media enables borrowers to get their loans and lenders – to invest their cash setting their own interests. It might seem there is nothing to catch here. However, as an investor (or lender), you get to earn a nice chunk of cash on the interest rate. More importantly, your investment is utterly secured by a collateral fund provided by a borrower. So whatever happens, you can be assured to get both you investment and interest back. As a beginner, you can start with a $25 investment in a single loan. 

Investing in Lending Club, you should mind the minimum net worth thresholds imposed by states for your initial investment. It means that while the initial investment requirement might be small, you will still have to prove that you have a tolerable asset base to start lending. The conditions might be demanding, yet Lending Club is a handy way to significantly benefit from a small investment. 

Get the Best Investment Management from M1 Finance

When it comes to smart assets management, M1 Finance is the first app that comes to mind. Similarly to Betterment, M1 Finance provides exceptional portfolio assessment and cost-effective investing. But what is even more exciting is that you can trade your stocks and ETFs free of charge. And this is only part of the story. What is more, is that in M1 Finance you can buy fractional shares. For instance, you Apple stock is worth $400, you can obtain $50 and thus wield 12.5% of the stock. For example, if Apple share is currently $400 a share, you can purchase $50 of Apple stock and own 12.5% of a dividend.  Additionally, before investing your savings, you can get a free-of-charge financial analysis from top-grade experts at M1 Finance. 

Forging – a Better Way to Extract Cryptocurrencies

Digital currencies have recently caused a great stir on the financial market and do not seem to yield their popularity any time soon. The whole fuss about mining is well-deserved: at this point, this is the most efficient way to obtain commercial success fast and efficiently. Though new and viable, mining still comes with certain drawbacks, such as enormous energy-consumption, bulky equipment, frequent network overload, etc. However, we come bearing great news for those who seek to take the most advantage from blockchain transactions! Metahash network has introduced forging –  a new type of crypto coins extraction, which compensates for all the cons of mining. So what Metahash has to offer? 

First of all, the high speed of blockchain transactions. Based on individually developed TraceChain technology, Metahash network can process about 100,000 transactions per second. Thus, forging takes significantly less time and energy to operate. Impressive, right? More importantly, to forge, you do not need to use expensive hardware, which consumes loads of energy! You can forge simply using a specially developed MetaGate application on your computer or smartphone, making sure your device has stable internet access. Basically, the app does everything for you. All you have to do is just pick Metahash as your ultimate crypto hunter and call it a day! 

So go ahead! Pick up the option suiting your purposes best and begin investing in yourself!

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