Tips for selecting the apt Panerai straps and other watch straps correct

We live in a 21st century world that provides us umpteen ways to create our style! But this world also criticizes almost every fashion faux pas. And you don’t need to be a celebrity or a star to come under the scrutiny of the style corrector lens. Even the average man and woman gets called out critically when their bag doesn’t match the shirt or the watch strap. A decade back, no one paid much attention to a watch strap. Today, with attractive options available online, the fashion world wants you to get your watch strap correct.

No one wants to be a fashion victim at a corporate seminar, a first date, a wedding reception, or even a coffee meet-up with friends. It is especially true if you love your Panerai straps. Do you want to make the correct strap selection that complements your attire? If yes, you can follow the tips discussed below:

  1. Match your watch strap look with your necessary attire type

How do you love to dress frequently? The watch strap choice will depend on that. For instance, if you are a casual and smart dresser, you can’t be selecting metal watch straps or bands. These are two contrasting elements, until you add something metallic to your dress code visibly, for instance, a chunky neckpiece or a metallic finish ring. Casual dressers who love to sport pastel colors can opt-in for the classic light brown, suede, grey and other warm and subtle tones for their watch strap. It could be your first watch strap. Once you have this, you can experiment with different variants.

  1. Leather will always complement the leather

Do you count on leather for most of your fashion accessories? Do you love to carry leather bags, clutches, and wallets for your daily work? If yes, then you need to choose a leather watch strap. Leather has its way to complement the leather. Sometimes, the worry of making leather overkill might occur. But when you balance the frequency of your leather accessory, you get the right look. Also, you need to check your preference here. For instance, do you love to carry a leather bag than a leather wallet? If yes, then your leather watch strap will perfectly balance the leather bag. Make the color selection wisely. If you have a black or brown leather bag, grey or dark brown leather watch strap will add to your look.

  1. Choose a contrasting color to break the leather monotony

Too much of everything leads to dullness! And this is something the style conscious women need to figure out. If you are carrying a leather bag, clutch and wearing leather shoes, then sporting a pastel shade leather watch strap might not cut a stylish impression. If you want to add a spark, choose a contrasting leather watch strap that will not seem like leather at first glance. For instance, if your other leather accessories are mostly shades of warm brown, a bright red or orange leather watch strap can add an interesting variation.

The trick is to choose a watch strap and other accessories that won’t make you look over the top! Once you get this correct, you can experiment with your style seamlessly.

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