How to Remain Unique in the World Full of Copy-Paste Fashion

Looking around, it might feel like everyone today is dressing in the absolute same clothes. We’re all following the same trends and shopping at the same fast-fashion stores, making us all inevitably look the same. But if you want to be someone who sticks out of the crowd and has their own style, here are some tips on navigating this fast-fashion landscape while keeping your unique style.

Go visit grandma

No need to pay hundreds of dollars on vintage clothing, when you probably have your grandma’s closet full of them. Clothing that has been popular in the previous decades (or centuries) might not be all that great to wear today as a full outfit, but you can use it as parts of an outfit and inspiration and to bring a unique touch to your style. There’s nothing more fashionable than the sense to combine two things that you wouldn’t usually pair. You do need to be careful with pairing vintage pieces, because you don’t want to end up dressing like you are still living in the past century. There’s a big difference between vintage and old-fashioned.

Get the scissors out

If you don’t want to look like everyone else, then you need to start making some changes to the clothing that is available to everyone. Whether that means buying a dress and making it into a two-piece, or taking a shirt and cropping it, you want to become an amateur fashion designer and redesign the pieces you buy. Alternatively, you can also break out the sewing machine and start creating pieces you want from scratch, but having templates will help you out in the start. If you’re not ready to take that leap, you can also alter small things on items, such as adding sleeves, filling holes in distressed pants with lace or other fabrics, or adding a trim to the bottom of skirts.

Change up accessories

Half of your style is the way you accessorize and the little details you put into your look, so you want to make sure that the accessories you have all go with your style and are unique enough to make you stand out. You should look for artesian pieces and shop unique jewelry online in Australia and other places that have a rich history and nature to draw inspiration from. Make sure you are getting unique pieces that complement your style but aren’t too “out there” to not have anything to wear them with. You can create a staple style by simply sticking to the same style of accessories: always accentuating your waist with a wide belt, wearing chunky earrings and a scarf around your hair.

Don’t be afraid of what other will say

Every single trend you’re seeing today was once worn by someone who was considered an outsider because they wore it. So even if you’re not trying to be a trendsetter, you have to get into that mentality of not caring what people will think of your outfit, because otherwise you’ll be wearing the same thing as everyone else out of shear fear of being made fun of or though of as weird. Embrace that you’re wearing something that makes you feel good and that that is the only thing that matters. This can be hard, but you can start off by wearing unique outfits in places where there aren’t any people who know you, so that in the case it doesn’t go well, you will never have to see those people again.

Remember that there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to follow the trends and dress like everyone else, but that you should embrace what you feel most comfortable in and wear it, no matter what other people think.

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