How To Find A Date Easily

Over the years the concept of dating has drastically changed. Life has become fast tracked and busy, and to find love or companionship in these times requires going the extra mile. A great friend of mine, Justin, was always a fun-loving, charming and funny guy, but after college he became a banker and his dating options just fizzled out due to his busy life. His workplace had a no-dating policy and he had no one in his social circle who was single and willing to get into a committed relationship.

If you are a person like Justin, who has a hectic and busy life, yet yearns to find a great person to date and look for free dating options, here are a few tips on how you can find an amazing date in your area with ease:

  1. Head to a Concert

Definitely you would want to date a person who shares the same interests with you and if you have a favourite music band, singer or genre, you must head to a concert playing in your area. When you bond with someone who has the same interests as you, the connection is greater and more positive than dating someone with different interests. If music is not your thing, you can check out art galleries or fan conventions and build your chances high on meeting a single person with the same likes as you.

“I met my fiancée at a Harry Potter fan convention. We were both 26 at that time and now 8 years down the road I think that attending that convention was the best decision of my life.” – Thomas, 34.

  1. Join a Club

Life may be busy, but look for clubs in your area that meet perhaps once a month or fortnightly, such as a reading club or a book club. You can also make yourself available for a yoga class or even a cooking class. The idea is to hang out more, in places where you have genuine interest so that the person you date, can have mutual interests with you.

“My boyfriend and I met at a bread baking class. I enjoy baking so I signed up for the two-day class at the local community center. I met Alex there and he asked me out for a drink and we have been dating since then. It has been 10 months of perfect dates.” – Ruth, 29.

  1. Build up Courage to Talk to People You Meet on the Way

Literally speaking, we all are surrounded by single people every where we go. We just have to build the courage to speak to them. You can meet someone while doing the groceries or walking your dog. It is quite simple to strike a polite conversation with the person who catches your eye, making sure there is no ring on the ring finger, and with some casual flirting muster up the confidence to ask that person out for drinks or coffee.

“Alice lived upstairs in my apartment building. We often bumped into each other while grabbing our mail or rushing out for work. I was in awe of her but never had enough courage to approach her. One day I decided that that would be the day I would ask her out. I grabbed her mail, went up to her apartment and asked her out for dinner. Her reply? ‘I thought you would never ask.’ We have been dating for over a year now.” – Carl, 30.

  1. Online Dating

If it is difficult for you to find a date in your area through the other options mentioned or you have trouble approaching people in person, you can always try your hand at online dating. Online dating remains at the top of the list for people to meet singles in the area, and you can head to websites or apps that offer you a number of options. A great dating website is and it maintains a large network of single people who are ready to mingle. Another factor that makes this website great for find people to date is that it has stellar reviews and is a legit place to make singles in your area.

“It may sound like a cliché but I met the love of my life online. I signed up for online dating and after a few weeks of dating others, I matched with Jessica and we instantly clicked. After three years of dating, living together for the past year and looking after our dog, I am sure she is the one and I will soon ask her to marry me.” – Nat, 36.

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