Know These 10 Horror Games of All the Time

Creators of horror games have gone above and beyond to introduce different elements that will scare players who thrive in the thrill of horrific acts, including the use of disempowerment, alienation, animatronic jump-scares, eroticism, the flagrant shattering of the fourth wall, to mention a few.

Over the years, developers of these horror games have had the technology by their side to get the best of horrific scenes. Thanks to 3D technology and augmentation reality, there is a lot of content that can scare a player, based on the unique factors that scare different people. Here are some ten horror games of all times you should know about:

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 is one game that would need you to be comfortably sited on a good gaming chair using a Greenforest l shape corner computer office desk for the best experience. The Resident Evil is generally a revered series among players, but the Resident Evil 7 takes it a notch further, feeding off the best horror movies.

Layers of Fear

The Layers of Fear game is one that will not only make you scream and jump in fear but can also make you doubt yourself in real life. The storyline of this game slowly unravels, starting with a spooky, creepy and cavernously empty house, then doors start to disappear, and corridors warp out of shape just in the corner of you. As the game keeps changing up, you begin to doubt your ability to stick by the storyline.

Alien: Isolation

The encounter with an alien is definitely one worth exploring, both in movies and games. This game feeds players with just that, with an encounter with a lone xenomorph that proves difficult to eliminate. The idea is to achieve the main goal, escaping the Sevastopol space station, by using handmade gadgets to distract and lure the alien away.


While in a single, infinitely looping hallway, the game throws at you different things to scare you.

Silent Hill 2

The first Silent Hill game was not as horrid as Silent Hill 2, which capitalizes on a variety of twisted monsters. Every corner of the town that James is headed to is inhabited by some new horror, and there is so much thrill for the gamers to enjoy from this second edition of Silent Hill.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

The remake of Resident Evil 2 in 2019 is definitely a game worth checking out. The game honors the past while building a future with attempts to escape a zombie-filled Raccoon City full of monsters along with tight gunplay, clever puzzles, and some beautiful levels.


The setting of this game is in an old asylum that seems abandoned but is very active, and is one that no one would want to check out in real life. The setting itself is a horror story, but wait until you start playing to experience the real thrill.


SOMA may be a clumsy game for some players, but it outshines other games, with one of the most unpleasantly disturbing stories ever. The heavy metaphysic concepts fit along with exploring the decrepit undersea base of PATHOS II is more than enough to give you nightmares for days.

Condemned: Criminal Origins

The overly staged murders and black light blood trails to follow is just the intro to this horrid game, and it only gets worse. The entire game will have you exploring a ruined department store full of people wearing the faces of discarded mannequins and doubting whether you are in for an experience in hell or just playing a game of ‘cop solving crimes.’

Alan Wake

While Alan Wake may differ from most of your favorite horror games, is it second to none when it comes to its sense of place and character.

There are numerous horror games to get your hands all sweaty and your seat super uncomfortable, but the ten mentioned in this article should spice up your gameplay.

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