Cash or Surety bail bonds – Which is the best option for you?

The court always doesn’t provide the best verdict. And not every crime scene offers the best evidence about who’s guilty and who’s not. There’s still a chance of lopsided judgment, where an innocent person might get accused of theft, assault, robbery, and domestic violence. It is essential to set things correct. For that, you need to appoint the best attorney and also free the defendant out of jail. The latter bit will require you to opt-in for a bail bond.

Simply put, a bail bond is a financial tool that acts as a monetary guarantee. It frees an innocent defendant for the time being. But until the legal case is settled, the defendant needs to be present for the court hearings. The bail bond guarantees the defendant’s presence; else the defendant has to pay the penalty. Today, there are several bail bonds that you can use. There are few bail bonds which require collateral and some doesn’t. The two prominent bail bonds today are the Surety and Cash bail bonds. To know more, you can check out Castle Bail Bonds Dayton Ohio.

Surety and Cash bail bonds

There are differences between cash and surety bail bonds. The cash bond needs two parties, and surety bond requires three parties. For instance, consider a bail bond of $10,000. When there’s a cash bail bond, usually the defendant or any of his/her family members can pay $10,000 as cash to the jail or court. And when the defendant makes a court appearance, he/she receives the $10,000 back, and there are no fees deducted by the court.

When it’s about a surety bond, usually the defendant appoints a surety agency for bailing the money. As an exchange of the $10,000, the bail bond company levies a particular fee on the defendant. It is usually 10% of the bail amount. And when the defendant makes his court appearances, the bail company receives the $10,000 amount from the court. Also, the defendant gets that 10% of the payment, without any subtractions made by the bail bond agency.

Benefits of cash bail bonds

Simply put cash bail bonds are easy to understand and use. The defendant needs to place the cash amount and get free from jail. If you don’t have much idea about the legal systems and you want the bail sanction process to be effortless and straightforward, opt-in for cash bail bonds.

Benefits of surety bonds

The main advantage of the surety bond is that a defendant doesn’t need to give ample cash for covering the entire bond amount. Visit here to know more. It is apt for people who are in a financial crunch and needs to spend every dollar on their legal case judiciously. The defendant needs to show up at the court as he/she gets asked to, and there will be no other hassles.  Also, in case of surety bonds, the co-signer is fully responsible for the amount.

Both surety and cash bail bonds have their distinctive features and benefits. You need to understand your legal scenario and select the bail bond that helps to get the defendant free from time. You also need to research about the bail bond company you want to join hands with so that it benefits you in the long-run.

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  1. That’s good to know that cash bonds would be easy to use. I would think that just paying the bondsman cash would make it a lot more simple. I’ll have to make sure to do that if I can if I am ever arrested.

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