Always keeping on track of your favourite football team

Soccer is one of the most decorated sports of all times. Its prominence is attributed to the rise in its valuation, fan base, and its social impact. The concentration and effort that is given to soccer have made it more of a science than art. We have analysts and soccer pundits who have transformed soccer into the centre of betting, thanks to the evenly spread soccer leagues and games spread all over the world.

Soccer fanatics are moved by different things to support the team of their choice.

Thanks to publicity and functional marketing structures, the English Premier League is the dominant soccer federation with its teams having fans everywhere across the world. There is a chance that every soccer fun in the world relates well with Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, and of late, Manchester City. Other Leagues like the Spanish La Liga, French Ligue 1, the Italian Serie A and Germany’s Bundesliga complete the curve. Each of these fans has a reason for backing up their favourite team, either personal, affiliate, or love of the soccer athletes.

Turning the Love of Soccer into a Business

Bookmakers have created sportsbooks with the soccer fanatic base as their primary target market. Around the world, numerous websites provide gambling service, while others give out predictions and other useful information on betting. gives timely and educative insights on how and when to place their bets, as the gamer follows the match live.

As the numbers of fans grow, the number of people visiting these websites continuously increases. Any organic traffic towards the site can be turned into a direct marketing assembly where any product, within or without the product range, can be advertised. Also, a considerable number of visitors to these sites are young people, whose influence on product promotions is enormous, compared to other social demography.

How to Keep Tabs On Your Favourite Team

It needs the dedication to be a fan of any team, but being consistent makes the difference. One can follow the journey of your favourite teams using the following pointers:

• Understand the playing philosophy of the team – this includes the playing style and formations. This helps the fans to understand the tactics used by the technical committee in purchase players and the style of football.

• Be updated on the new soccer rules as released by FIFA – with platforms such as, the knowledge on soccer deepens, as the understanding of the sport helps reduce arguments when following a match.

• Be an active participant – buy the team’s merchandise and if possible, attend events. Also follow online discussions on the state of football in general, and how it relates to your favourite team.

• Become a member – most teams have a membership card. Take one and be part of the larger family. Such commitments might help in other ways that are far beyond regular soccer.

The Influence Soccer has on the Society

Income earner – it is one of the most rewarding talents in sporting activities. The players earn handsome wages per week, which is used to improve society. Besides direct revenue, the teams sell merchandises to their fans as a way of consolidating their fan base. Popular of the merchandises are replica t-shirts, bag packs, replica trophies, and balls.

Influencers – the sport turns soccer players into influencers. They are paid to promote the use of some products. For example, people who idolise David Beckham might buy whatever he promotes. Also, some people became Manchester United fans because of him. Some of the commonly advertised products are sports attires, energy drinks, clothing brands, and other complimentary entertainment gadgets and equipment.

Discipline – most soccer players spend most of their time of soccer-related activities like training, playing PlayStation, or watching a game as part of learning. Part of the practice in camps is psychological, which motivates people to be their best of behaviour, thanks to the rise in social status. The fans emulate it as they identify more with them; a significant social-mental shift.

Soccer is a unifying factor – it has help raise funds, awareness, and other common goal achievements for communities in distress or champions against social vices. Despite our social background and orientation, soccer unifies us all. Players are known to use soccer matches as charity frontiers to solicit funds for helping flood victims or pay medical fees for disadvantaged children.

Growth of complimentary service providers – people who live nearer to soccer fields benefit from medical facilities and other services housed within the facility. There are individual and companies that grow courtesy of the soccer teams; supplying commodities and services that contribute directly or indirectly to the success of the team. Such people become naturalised fans of the team.

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