How to edit hundreds of photos in just a couple hours with Luminar 3

Editing photos is sometimes a chore. There is nothing worse than painstakingly editing hundreds of individual photos. Each photo could require something slightly different – higher saturation, or a different white balance for example. This can be hugely time-consuming.

It doesn’t have to be that way! Photo editing can be an extremely quick process – you just have to have the right tools and know-how. Luminar 3 is one such tool that can greatly speed up the editing process. The latest version of this photo editing software has numerous improvements and features that are built for speed. In the text below, we look at how Luminar 3 can improve your editing efficiency:

Why is speed an important aspect of photo editing?

Before we look at the features Luminar 3 offers, let’s look at why speed is sometimes necessary. Surely quality is key and each photo should be treated with great care and attention? This is not strictly true. Quality is, of course, important – as a photographer you should never rush the editing process. Creating quality edits quickly is possible though.

Having the ability to quickly edit hundreds of photos is extremely useful. Let’s say you had completed a wedding photo shoot. You had a total of 500 images to edit. Imagine the time involved individually editing each photo and tweaking image parameters such as contrast and saturation – this would take hours! In this instance, using Luminar’s automated features to speed up the process would be highly beneficial. A large portion of the images would be similar – you could apply batch edits to these photos without compromising the quality.

Essentially, speed is important when you have high volumes of similar photos to process.

How can Luminar 3 improve your editing efficiency?

Luminar offers users the best of both worlds. If you want to edit photos to a fine degree of accuracy, you can use the different various sliders and tools available. Alternatively, if you want to edit hundreds of photos as quickly as possible, you can utilize the AI technology and other batch-processing features.

Improved software performance and loading speeds

Luminar 3.1.1 saw various performance changes implemented. Firstly, basic photo navigation was improved. This means you can find your photos quicker. Secondly, the program and photo launch times were improved. You can now open hundreds or thousands of photos within Luminar Libraries in a matter of seconds. Finally, tasks such as album creation have also been improved. Overall, the performance of Luminar should make a noticeable difference.

Automatic editing using Accent AI technology

Accent AI is a powerful filter that can automatically enhance your images. This filter uses advanced AI technology to analyze your photo. It looks at features such as saturation, contrast, and the overall image balance. Once the photo has been analyzed, it will apply an enhancing filter – this all happens instantly. The end result is a superb, vibrant and balanced image.

This is a superb tool for speed as it works via a slider. All you have to do is apply the filter and increase or decrease the strength. This means you can edit hundreds of photos in no time at all. For similar photos that require the same end-look, Accent AI really is a huge time-saver. 

Improved variety when editing using pre-set filters

A fantastic feature of Luminar 3 is that you can access a multitude of awesome pre-set filters to automatically enhance your images. Some programs such as Photoshop have limited filters and you have to use free Photoshop filters to extend its functionality. Luminar already has a large range of filters to choose from.

Whilst Accent AI provides a balanced end product, Luminar filters can give your photos artistic flare. There is a myriad of different filter categories – each of which provides a different unique set of styles. These filters can be applied with a single click. To that end, you can turn hundreds of photos into creative masterpieces instantly.

Quicker file browsing using Luminar Libraries

Finally, Luminar 3 offers quick and effective photo management with its libraries feature. Luminar Libraries is an extensive photo management tool. Using this feature you can quickly organize and catalog your images. If you have large volumes of photos to process, you can split them into separate folders and create a logical folder hierarchy. Wondering how to resize an image? Just click on the resize button. You can even select which photos should be of the same size.

Furthermore, images can be rated and assigned keywords. It is then possible to search your image catalog using parameters such as specific keywords or star ratings. This again speeds up the editing process as you can quickly find and access the photos you need to develop.

Why not give Luminar 3 a try today? It is possible to download a free trial version of the software. By using this free trial, you can see just how easy the editing process is. If you have large batches of photos to work through, Luminar 3 is the perfect solution. 

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  1. I must really spend some time learning how to operate the Luminar-3. I generally just resize photos by using other free staffs for cropping and such. Thanks

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