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6 ways to preserve your best travel memories

Travelling! For some, it is a way of soul detoxification, while for the others, it is the best excuse to spend some leisure time. But something which is common among all of them is all of them end up making some crazy lifelong memories. I know you are already on the nostalgia lane to some of your favourite trips – this is what makes a trip so amazing, cherishing and of course joyful. You don’t realize, and you return back with a bag full of memories and a fresh mind.

But here is the thing, you might end up making memories unknowingly, but if you won’t preserve them, they will end up getting lost under a pile of memories. That is, you should make just a tad bit of effort to preserve them and make the best use of them. Throwing them to a folder in your gallery is just the exact opposite of what I am talking about.

So, the next time you go on a trip or rather return from one, just follow some of our tips that would help you to enjoy a trip down the nostalgia island which you would definitely have some time or the other.

A Calendar goes a long way

Every house has at least one calendar. There are more chances than not that you might have a calendar in your own bedroom. We know, that in the 21st-century people wake up to their phones and not to the calendars, but making a calendar having collages of your trips with your friends, family, beloved, or in fact, it might even be solo trip is a great idea. Imagine, every morning you are starting off your day on such a good note will have such a positive impact in your day.

Photo Books can serve as a Lifetime memory

We all love to post photos on social media. For a matter of fact, it might be Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat. But what happens is, we might post just post a couple of them from the entire bunch of photos that we capture every now & them. That too will slowly go down in our feed and that’s it. But what we suggest here is, to get you a photo book printed. Find a nice service, just like I found this photo printing service in Singapore. Once done, you can create your own photo book. This has multiple benefits. Being a hardcopy, it has more chances to be preserved. It will serve you the purpose more than a softcopy would.

Glass Printouts are a new thing

We all love new things, don’t we? Glass printouts are in fashion nowadays. The term itself is self-explanatory. It is new, fashionable, desirable, and also useful. You can use them to decorate walls in your home or office. Printing photos onto glass creates a one-of-a-kind space in your heart and frame as well.

Canvas isn’t a bad deal too

Canvas photos are easy, ready to hang displays which every wall in your house would crave. They are easy to get, easy to maintain, and of course pleasing to the eye too. Many shops in your locality will provide you with the same and keep those memories alive in your heart forever.

Order a Designer Phone Cover

In the 21st century, everyone has a phone. We won’t be surprised if you have more than one. We look at our phones probably more than ANYTHING in a day. Then why not design a phone case or cover with a beautiful memory. Like you can design many phone covers as they are easy to get, cheap, pleasing, beautiful and of course, a great source to keep those special memories closer. Having plenty of them won’t hurt. Changing them every day of the week won’t be a bad idea also. Every time you look into your phone you would be transported back to paradise.

Custom Paintings are Irresistible

Who says paintings are old fashioned or old school? Paintings are the new areas of interest folks. But just paintings won’t please you that much as would a customs painting would. If you search the right areas, you will find plenty of artists who would create a customs painting on your choice of photograph. They are new and will definitely create a special room in your heart.

It is rightly said, memories are like a box of sweets; once opened, you wouldn’t be able to have just one bite. So, following this, we hope that these tips help you carve all those forever memories in your heart and your home.

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