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Hi Kaiser, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey, I’m great, thank you for the invitation.

Your EP Monocode is out now both on vinyl and digitally, can you tell our readers what to expect from this slice of wax?

Well, if they like the idea of returning “musically” back in time, they will find something special. Something that not everyone is producing and releasing in this period but which is maybe coming back, specially into the clubs.

You’ve been very busy with releases recently, what was the inspiration surrounding this particular project?

True, have been really busy producing and releasing music recently. To be honest, because I had the opportunity to meet in person and to play alongside artists I feel like gods in the techno world. For example, Regis, my personal Jesus but also DVS1, Dasha Rush and many more. Their production, their style, their simply mood inspire me a lot in trying to become a better artist.

Do you feel your sound changes with each release, or do you hold true to your original ethos?

Yeah, it changes. Of course I’m oriented on a specific sound but I love also to experiment something new passing from the old to the new and just trying to give vent to my soul.

One track we really liked from the EP was ‘Solitude’ – what’s the story behind the title and what made you want to make it?

This question makes me laugh a bit ahah! Yeah because ‘Solitude’ was born with another title at first, but talking with Ari, the owner of the label, after some calls, we decided to renominate the title in this new one maybe because the sounds brings both of us in ‘Solitude’ obviously in a positive way …

Can you give us some insight into your process, how do you usually go about making tracks?

I’m a super fan of the analog machines and pedals. I like to touch the music with my hands and jam out until they become real tracks which I then into the studio interface. But recently I discovered the world of plug-ins and to be honest, I would love to deepen the knowledge.

You’ve done some remixes and had people remix your work before, but you haven’t really collaborated with other artists. Do you think the process of making techno is more individualistic or how do/would you approach collaborations as opposed to making it yourself?

Before my alias “Kaiser”, I was collaborating in a duo with another guy of the same age and with the same inventiveness, but the time brought us to split for some reasons. Of course based on my experience I think that it’s hard to collaborate, but who succeeds has won because two heads and four hands are better than one.

What role does Italy play in your music?

As I’m honest, I can’t spend good words for my own state. Italy is still growing up. Maybe in Europe is one of the last state based on the good sense of techno. Unfortunately the most talks a lot about the business and a few only love and support the techno scene seriously with passion. By the way I’m still based here, precisely closed to Bari in the south on the sea cost. I don’t know why, I’m still not able to leave this place maybe because it’s amazing and brings me lot of inspirations.

What made you want to make your particular brand of electronic music, what’s influenced you?

Some artists I follow since I started producing music. For example Regis, as I answered in one of the last sentences, he is my personal Jesus. I entered in the techno world thanks to his productions (from the 90s to today), which among other things I try to collect. I don’t know if I liked techno music without having discovered his works and what have transmitted to me.

What’s your gigging schedule like at the moment?

I think I have a nice schedule for the next 3 months, playing two times in south Italy for two amazing brands called “Ways” (2nd of June, alongside VTSS and CEM3340) and “Farfly” (15th of June, a festival which has been taking place for over 10 years). I have also two gigs in Berlin, one on the 13th of June at About:Blank and a warehouse on Saturday 22th. The month is going to be closed with a gig in my lovely Istanbul on the 29th, another place that inspired me a lot, not a case my last vinyl EP on Planet Rhythm is calling “Istanbul Chaos”. Then some other gigs fixed in Poland, Italy, Tenerife, Croatia, UK and more in the forward months…

What else is happening next in Kaiser’s world?

A goal, for sure will be the next KSR003 that will keep me busy releasing a new EP with two idols as remixers. Also, I’m starting the sub digital label “K S R DGTL” releasing and promoting music by other artists I got in touch and I discovered. The first one will be released on the 1st of July by “Melier Avenue” that forward to me a sick pack of nine tracks. Of course my own music is going to be released also on some other labels but I don’t find it opportune to talk about it right now, perhaps later.

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