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INTERVIEW: Drew Davies

Hi Drew, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hi guys, I’ve been very busy but I’m very well thank you. I’ve been playing a lot of shows and getting the video together for Living the Dream, alongside the usual roller coaster of everyday life.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Living The Dream”?

Of course, I recorded my album in two phases last year and Living the Dream was one of the tracks we did in the first phase. Musically it was the first track I’d used a mellotron on and various synths as I wanted to create a wall of sound on the track. The electronic element is a theme that developed throughout my music from there. There are quite a few twisted up instruments in here though; I challenge you to spot all the gongs!

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

For the lyrics definitely, I wrote the song when I started dating my girlfriend at the time. I had left behind some difficult personal situations and had set about writing the songs that would make up my debut solo record; when I met her the words came very easily as a retort against a lot of the consumerist doctrine I was having thrust at me both from people close to me and also the media. Musically I got really into Spanish styles and had recently received my Mother’s old Spanish guitar, so this song had quite a lot of that flavour in there.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

This was the third video I’ve made with Juliet Bryant now and I think we really hit the ground running in this video. The location felt like it had the gritty undertones we wanted for the video; we actually shot the whole thing in a few hours! Funnily the video was shot on the day a relationship came to an end, which was slightly ironic given the lyrics, so it was an unusual atmosphere. But I think we captured something great!

How was the recording and writing process?

I wrote the song in my home studio where I put together the structure and chords for the song and then the lyrics and melody. From there I took the song into the studio and worked with a great team to track the final guitar and bass parts down. The process was very fast, the track being completed in about a day of studio time. Sometimes when you are recording songs it’s easy to get sucked into over playing or over analysing so I (tried) to not over engineer things in the studio – it’s often one whole vocal take or one whole performance of an instrument…some would call that old fashioned now!

How do you go on balancing your classic rock roots with your more modern influences?

I mainly listen to more electronic based bands these days but I think as my writing developed the two styles I loved (rock music being the other) just merged together as I experimented at home. But I get that there’s a marriage of two styles in my music sometimes. Some of the tracks on this album for example are even Synthwave in style but they are married with John Barry style Guitars or acoustic drums, so you get these unusual combinations popping up. I think it just happened naturally mostly rather than being contrived. It’s whatever the song needs really, and I tend to find bits of what I’m into musically at the time creep into my writing.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along?

I guess I’ve alluded to it a few times above but yes, I have a whole album completed so there is a lot more to come. I’m actually writing for future releases now, but we all know about the best laid plans of mice and men…!

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

I’d like to release later this year or early next. It’s about making sure all my aces are in a row though and that I give the album the best chance it can have in terms of promotion and distribution and yes, I’ve got a title in mind.

Any plans to hit the road?

I’d love to hit the road, I’m all about the road…Right now it’s mainly Holloway Road but I have a full band ready for electric and acoustic shows (I post clips on instagram for anyone interested) so yeah; it would be great to get out there on tour as soon as we can. I used to play in Europe quite a bit and I would like to rekindle that relationship too.

What else is happening next in Drew Davies’ world?

I’m fighting fit and getting my hustle on mainly, learning the internet and some new sports, haha! Being a solo artist and releasing on your own is a tough game; I don’t believe art is ever a sport but I think the nature of the industry sees people often climbing over each other to be king of the pile for 5 minutes, maybe that’s just a London thing. So cardio is important to stay the course if you are in it for the long haul. I’m hustling to find the good people into taking care of each other and building things up in the right way, with integrity.

Thank you so much for the interview and to those people reading this.

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