How to Build Self Confidence Spiritually

Most of the articles you come across about building your self-confidence always provide tips like dress sharply, workout, maintain a good posture, show gratitude and challenge yourself. Though the tips are great, it does not address the real issue here but focuses on providing a few fixes.

Self-confidence cannot come from the outside, but it is an internal quality of a human which needs to be developed from within and no other external factor can really be as effective as the internal confidence.

Let us explain to you how you can build your confidence by following the path of spirituality.

Practice Self-Compassion

To be able to internally heal yourself so that the intrinsic quality of self-confidence can be brought out, you need to practice self-compassion first. You are a human and you are allowed to make mistakes. No one is perfect including you hence do not be too hard on yourself if you have not done something the right way. The fact that you feel guilty about your wrong doing proves that you are internally a pure soul who is trying to change for the positive


You are not perfect, and you may not be good at everything but there are certain areas where you shine. You need to accept both the positives and the negatives of yourself. If you cannot accept your shortcomings, how will the person in front of you accept them? Focus on the fact that you are who you are, and it only gets better from there.

Another scenario where you are concerned about how you look and wish to look better. Lack of self-confidence due to physical appearance is common. To boost self-confidence, many people follow the general advice and workout to look physically fit and injure their back or joints many times which leads them to physical therapy specialists to heal them. Spirituality teaches you to focus on enhancing inner beauty rather than the outer one.


Meditation can make your mind focus on the right thoughts and eliminate all negative thoughts from your mind. Meditation can uplift your soul and make you feel positive and confident as well. Meditation can heal your body and mind in ways you cannot imagine. The power of meditation fills you with positivity and makes you positive about whatever you do.

Practise Detachment:

Try detaching yourself from the materialistic world. Once you can successfully do that, any failure will not cause any fear to you as you have nothing to lose This will elevate your conscience and bring out the confidence in you to do what needs to be done.

Think Positive:

Spirituality preaches to think positive so that you will attract positivity in your life. The thought of success can automatically boost your energy positively and you start working towards achieving that success without doubting yourself. This is like following the ‘law of attraction’ which states that the universe gives you what you ask for. If you think that, “I DO NOT want to fail”, the universe only hears the word ‘fail’ and work towards it. Hence always use a positive affirmation like “I Will Succeed”, the universe will hear the word success and help you achieve it.

Self-confidence can be built externally which will last only till the external factor like cloths or a toned body last but inner confidence through spirituality once gained will be everlasting.

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