2019 Travel Guide: Incredible France Bucket List Destinations

Have you been to France many times and travelled every beautiful location including the Paris city on top of your bucket list? Then it’s time to explore a few secrets in France. In this France travel guide, we will take you through some interesting places in France besides Paris.

If you have this feeling that travelling one city in the country lets you tick off the bucket list of the whole country then you need to put end to this silliness. Many people have this ‘counting country syndrome’ in which they feel that exploring a part of the country means they are left with nothing new in the country and they move ahead to another country for travelling.

For instance, if you have explored Paris and been to its popular destination then you must definitely check the below list of France destinations (besides Paris) that are worthy of your exploration. Plan to travel this destination and assure your stay by finding the best hotels in France. You can use unique Hotels.com Promo Code to get discount for France hotels.


For all the dedicated wine lovers, you can spend some best time of your life at Bordeaux. This is one place that offers the best wines in the country. In this region the wine economy collects over 14 billion euros each year, this means that you can throw your shoe violently and still you can enjoy a giant glass of vino.

Besides offering a delightful taste of wine, you can take a lovely wine tour, see the incredible views of the city of Bordeaux, enjoy buzzing food scene, know the beautiful structural design and the Miroir d’Eau, which is known to be world’s largest pool where one beautiful picture can be photographed.  Here you will also find some great 5-star hotel options which you can book by using the coupons for Hotels.com and make your stay enjoyable.

The French Riviera

To experience France meeting Italy, visit the French Riviera (aka the Côte d’Azur). It will be a delightful experience for you to take a slice of sweet at the Mediterranean heaven. This whole trip will be snazzy coastline, marked dotted with luxurious resorts that receive sunshine on more than 300 days each year. You can find some best amenities hotels in France from Expedia on huge Expedia discount and find plenty of gorgeous smaller towns located eastwards that are sure to take your breathe away. You can also travel on car by ordering a car rental in France.


Saint Emilion located close to Bordeaux is one incredible looking town that has a renowned course of wine and absurdly cool monumental church, imprinted on a single piece of rock.  It definitely grabs many people here because of its delicious food and medieval views that sets your heart aflutter. On your visit, you can spot some prominent French stars shooting for television about the beautiful villages located in France. Nearby this exciting activity, you can find best hotels from Millennium Hotels by using the unique Millennium Hotels voucher on your booking.

The Alabaster Coast

You cannot imagine ending your trip without exploring the Alabaster Coast located in the Nothern region, hugging the English Channel. It is one ideal destination surrounded by theatrical limestone cliffs and vivid aqua water.

Your experience in Alabaster Coast will be surely the highlight of your trip as you can span some good time over 130 km long and be conscious to hop on few interesting spots namely  Fécamp, Dieppe and Étretat, where you will be shocked to enjoy the mind-blowing view. Find a comfortable hotel room near the above interesting spots from online by using Discount For Expedia.


One of the most favourite gems along the Seine river is the medieval city of Rouen. Just not an important city but it also is a capital of Normandy located in Northwest France. Be sure to wonder at the Disney-esque timber-framed houses, the stunning Notre Dame Cathedral and shop for delicious goodies at the Old Market Square. On a more serious note, this square was located on the Joan of Arc and was burned in the stake of the 15th century and now there’s a church name in her honour namely the Church of St Joan of Arc. This is one beautiful church in France you will ever find made of modern design and unbelievable stained glass windows.

You can assure your stay at the Rouen by using Millennium Hotels Voucher to stay at a cheap price and make your stay eventful.

More places on French Bucket List!

Besides exploring the above places, if you have more time, then make way for the following places in France and stay in the most relaxing hotels offering best amenities available on Hotels.com and use the unique Coupon for Hotels.com for booking at cheap price.

  • Lyon

  • Alsace

  • Avignon

  • The Camargue

  • Mont Saint Michel

  • The Loire Valley

  • Corsica

  • The Lavender Fields of Provence

So, plan out an ideal journey to France by exploring the most beautiful attractions which must be on your top priority list on France itinerary.

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