INTERVIEW: Twins Kirill Revega and Filipp Revega

We wanted to introduce ourselves first. We are identical twins, Filipp Revega & Kirill Revega. 25 year old actors, musicians, YouTubers & social media influencers. We came to United States two years ago ( April 2017 ) to pursue our professional careers: acting, music, modeling and that is pretty much what we do here in Los Angeles, CA.

In Russia, we were studying in University at Engineering department. During our study, we started our our YouTube channel. Growing up and recording videos, we were always in the entertainment industry and we felt like this is what our real passion is.

Looking out for other influencers who would transform from YouTube to music, at some point ( less than a year ago ) we also gave it a try and released our first song in January 2019. Music sphere is pretty new for us, we barely started it, but both of our released songs: “ Nikotin “ and “ Lady Fake Love “ are doing really well. We love the whole process of creating a song and we are exited to release our new hits this summer. Along with music we still record funny skits with different influencers like Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, Roy Purdy, Supreme Patty, Hannah Stocking. We do pranks for our YouTube channel etc. To whoever is interested in our creation, can find us as: @TwinsFromRussia on all social media platforms.

This is a really brief info about us but now, let’s jump into questions.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Lady Fake Love”?

“ Lady Fake is our second single. This songs is basically about breaking up, about unrequited love and emotions that we go through when leaving our loved ones. Nowadays languages are mixing and there are so many words borrowed and being used in Russian language just the way they are in English, without translation. We pretty sure it is like that in other languages too. We thought that it will be really cool to name our song in English so it stands out from other songs and all Russian audience is still able to understand that. English title is also helpful for English speaking listeners to understand the main idea of the song.

Right now we write our songs in our native language, this is just the way we see our creation. But we have couple of friends who want us to do a songs with them on English language. So maybe in the nearest future we will do a song in English.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

We wrote our latest single “ Lady Fake Love “ after we both got out from the relationships. They ended up not the way we wanted and this is what mainly motivated us. This relationships gave us so much of energy and emotions but when we lost our loved ones we got this special feelings which we wanted to express in this song. Our last relashionships were really important to us and by having this moments captured in our song, we will be able to keep this memories throughtout our lifes.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

Actually, we don’t have an official music videos to our songs yet. Since both of our songs got pretty good amount of streams online, some of the listeners created a fan-videos where they put different video footage to it. This videos look really cool but they are not official. Huge support from our listeners made us think of shooting a music video, but we still have not decided which song we going to do a music video for first.

How was the recording and writing process?

We love recording process. This is our favorite part of making music. We recorded our second single “ Lady Fake Love “ in two studio sessions. Writing process took us a little longer. We spend about 3 or 4 evenings writing and putting the whole song together. There are three of us in this song and we had to figure out how we can make it sound interesting, unusual and memorable for people. Other than that, everything was smooth and nice. We have not had any issues with this project.

We make our music in Deep House genre. This music have specific type of beats and can be easily recognized from the other genres. It is pretty new but it is getting really popular right now. This music has completely possessed us and this is how we see our creation in a nearest future.

As both actors and YouTubers – how does these two background influences your music and the other way around?

YouTube and acting background taught us to be open in front of the audience, thought us to be open to criticism and listeners feedback. It is hard to imagine us being a musicians without having this two background. Probably if we would not start of YouTube and if we never got into acting before we would gave up after first negative comment on our song. We understand that all people are different, and it is totally normal that not all listeners will like our stuff. Acting and YouTube background built our personality, made us self-confident and versatile.

Having not only a family bond, but being twins – how does these influences your music and writing as a whole?

Being twins helps us a lot in a way of creating music. We have the same vibe, some special kind of connection between two of us that makes us more productive. We briefly choose the subject that we want to write about and without many words we know that we thinking about the same idea. When we collaborating with other artists it takes a little longer to figure out the theme, vibe and the mood of a song.

What role does Russia play in your music?

Russia does not plays any direct role in our music. Except the fact that we write our lyrics in Russian language. When we write about relashionships, love etc., we have more passion doing it on our native language. But as we mentioned above interests change throughout time and we actually planning some collaborations with American artists this year.

How your creative perspective has changed since you move into LA?

We are actually started making our own music here in LA. Before we came into United States we were just doing a lot of acting and YouTube in Russia. We were also recording covers sometimes but we have not had any thoughts of creating our own music. Here in Los Angeles, we got surrounded by really talented and creative people who inspired us to do something that we were not even thinking about few years ago. We think the whole vibe of Los Angeles contributes to our hard work and motivates us for self-development.

With the momentum your music has been gaining – do you feel any sort of pressure as you put a new material or rather the opposite?

When we put our first song out and it started gaining streams online we definitely felt a little pressure. Unexpected success of the first song made us happy and worried at the same time. We knew that second song that we were working on at this time have to be same catchy and interesting. We could not make a mistake. We still have this feeling every time we work on a new songs but we believe it is a good thing because it makes you more productive and reminds you responsibilities that you have in front of your audience.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along?

Warm support of our audience and people who interested in our music made us think of putting out more stuff. Currently, we are working on couple of new singles that will be out sometime next month. Along with that, we thinking of releasing our very first EP by the end of this year. That is a huge new step for us but together with our fans we are exited for this journey and ready to work non-stop.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

One of our singles is in the mastering process right now and will be out in the first dates of July. We would like to keep the title of a new song a secret until we get the first edited version. Then we will record a short snippet of a new song and post it on our social media with it’s title.

Besides upcoming song, at least two or three more songs will be out by the end of the summer.

Any plans to hit the road?

At this point of our creation it is a little early to talk about the tour but couple of venues and night clubs invited us to perform. We will share more news on our social media page on Instagram ( @twinsfromrussia ) and will invite everybody to this events whenever everything is set and organized.

What else is happening next in REVEGA’s world?

We just wanted to say HUGE “ THANKS “ to our family, friends and people who support us on a daily basis. We are glad that our journey and life is bringing smiles & positive energy to others life’s. We are blessed that we have all this support and can not explain how happy we are.

We promise to always release a good quality content and interesting music!!!

Sincerely, identical twins Filipp Revega & Kirill Revega.

P.S. Here is the links to listen and download both of our songs.


“Lady Fake Love”




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