Why Do Most Couples Break Up After One Year?

They say you will know in a year if your relationship will last or not. Keep in mind that a year of dating is different from a year of marriage. Relationship experts have come up with various conclusions concerning this topic, and this article is going to discuss some of them.

1.      The Three Stages

Most married couples who end up divorcing after a year are probably those who rushed into the union. The first year of dating is divided into three stages, namely, projection, disillusionment, and power struggles.

The first stage, projection, is when you ignore all the red flags and see the person you want to see. The second stage, disillusionment, is when you have confirmed the red flags and stop living in a fantasy. This stage usually occurs within three to nine months. Most relationships end during this time.

The final stage is when you attempt to figure out if the relationship is worthwhile. You might love each other, but without compatibility, the relationship is likely to fail.

2.      Appearances fade

It is hard to pretend for a whole year. When people begin dating, they try to become what you want them to be. This eventually becomes tiring, and one is unable to continue with the façade. When the real you comes out, and your partner doesn’t like it, that is most likely the end of the relationship.

Couples can also become too comfortable with each other to the point that their bad behavior becomes more noticeable. This can irritate your partner enough to leave you in a year or less.

3.      Zero teamwork

When you get married, you choose to build a life with someone. Growing together requires that you work together. You have to keep the lines of communication open and work together to create a future for you and your children. Deal with challenges together and celebrate your wins together.

4.      Trying to fix someone

Most people who rush into marriage believe that the union will somehow change their partners into the person they want them to be. This is a very misguided mentality. If someone was not kind to you before he will not be kind to you after marriage.

To them, it only means that you are willing to tolerate their behavior for the rest of your life, so why should they change?

Marriage requires both parties involved to work on the relationship consistently for it to last. If you are in need of assistance, you can start by looking for a therapist in marriage counseling in Boulder to help save your marriage. Looking for top rated marriage clinics is important as they offer high-quality services in marriage counseling in Boulder.

Just because a lot of relationships end within the first year, it does not mean that yours has to. Every relationship goes through challenges but before you decide to give up on each other, try working on it together. With a little bit of information and guidance, it is possible to be happy in marriage.

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