Top 5 Mac Apps Musicians Can Use to Improve Their Career

Being a musician is easy.

Wait; of course, it’s not easy. But when you compare yourself to the composers of the past and you realize you don’t have to write notes for an entire orchestra without real-time listening to the effects… well yes; being a musician is easier than it once was.

Today, all you need is a computer and the best Mac apps on it. With some talent and the right apps for musicians, you can make great progress in your skills. You can practice all day until you become good enough to start a career in music.

Where do you start? What are the top Mac apps for musicians? That’s what we’re here today. We made the ultimate selection of apps that let you compose music without limitations.

5 Best Mac Apps for Musicians 

Logic Pro X

You feel like you surpassed the amateur stage and you want to go bigger? If you’re ready for your first big upgrade, you should go for one of the most universal apps for musicians. Logic Pro X gives you an extensive collection of instruments and effects to play with.

It looks a bit complex, since it has that professional vibe. But Logic Pro X is awesome for beginners, too. IT has over 7K royalty-free loops that you can adjust to the key and tempo of your project. This helps you develop a song quickly, without creating all its elements.

The price for this app is $199.99 as a one-time payment.


When you’re looking for the best Mac apps to use, you won’t limit yourself to a single one. You’ll need a selection of apps that support different stages of the creativity process. Does this mean you should pay a lot of money for using multiple apps?


Setapp is an app store, which you can use as an alternative to the Mac App Store. It features some of the top Mac apps across different categories. You can access any app from the selection in its full suite. For example, n-Track Studio 9 costs around $200 if you buy it from the official App Store. But if you choose Setapp, you’ll pay $10 per month to use this app along many others.

Setapp also gives you access to Boom 3D, which is one of the best Mac apps for sound enhancing. Plus, you can use several productivity apps that keep you away from distractions.


This is a complete digital audio workstation, which is intended for professional use. If you need the commercial license, it will cost you $225. But a license for personal use is cheaper ($60), and you still get all the features.

There’s a great user guide that you can download. In addition, you’ll find great tips on how to use Reaper at the website’s blog.

The app gives you plenty of plugins, such as delays, compressors, EQs, gates, and anything else you would require from the best apps for musicians.


This is a notepad for musicians. When you get an idea for music and you have to write quick notes, you’ll use this app. It will play your music back, and it will allow you to create complete orchestrations.

The best thing about Finale is that it’s a collaboration app. You can share your notes with the people you collaborate with, but you can also connect with fellow users of the app.

The only downside is that it costs $600.


Enough of the professional-level apps for musicians. We know they are good, but not everyone is ready to use them. Moreover, not everyone is ready to pay for them at the beginning of their career in music. We need a more affordable and more approachable app for beginners.

This is the one.

New Macs already come with GarageBand, so it’s the obvious place to start when you want to create music. You get an awesome set of features, including thousands of loops from various genres.

The Mac Is a Musician’s Best Friend

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro in composing music, the Mac is an essential tool for you. Of course; it’s nothing without the right apps on it.

You don’t need all five apps we listed above. Choose one that best suits your needs and start from there.

Set your creativity free and get ready to make some music!

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