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Resort 12 – A Great Place For Addiction Treatment

The LGBT+ community suffers from the same illnesses as individuals identifying as straight on the sexuality spectrum. I.e. there is a need for rehabilitation centres and programs equipped to handle both physical and physiological illnesses. However, reality is that many times people within the LGBT+ community feels more at ease among their own peers. Among people that have struggled with the same existential crisis and know what it’s like to fight for acceptance. That’s why Resort 12 offers treatments for people within the LGBT+ community that are fighting addictions, struggling with psychological issues or simply need some time to recover after a trauma. Resort 12 have chosen Chiang Mai as the base for their residential facilities and offers to the residents a global network of expertise, mixing a personalised and holistic confidential treatment approach at centre for people within the LGBT+ community. The approach used by Resort 12 is backed by research as studies have shown that specialised treatments for LGBT+ communities are much more successful than generic ones. Each program at Resort 12 is tailor made to fit each individual and specifications of their issue. For instance, at Resort 12 it is possible to seek treatment for sexual addiction and if you identify as lesbian there might be some stigma attached to the fact that as a woman, you are addicted to sex. This is perhaps not so commonly spoken about, however if you search for lesbian rehab alternatives, you will find Resort 12, which is a perfect place to help you address your problem.


Having an addiction to sex might present itself through a wide variety of symptoms. Certain key indicators are usually seen as common traits though, i.e. compulsive sexual acts and thoughts with subsequent shame and guilty, intentionally isolating oneself from other people in order to pursue these compulsive sexual acts and thoughts as well as having trouble maintaining healthy meaningful relationships due to this fact. In essence it disrupts a person’s life to the extent that they may no longer have a functioning life situation due to this negative and harmful behaviour. The issue with sex addiction is that the recovery cycle also might be a bit different as people struggling with sex addiction does not see it as viable to abstain from sex for the rest of their life as you for instance would when struggling with alcoholism. That’s why many avoid seeking help with handling their sex addiction in the first place. Here Resort 12 offers a solution by introducing a more holistic approach to recovery. There are traditional methods as well as more sex-positive alternatives. All with the intention to help each individual discover why their behaviours have become harmful and also how to deal with the consequences. People that identify as being part of the LGBT+ community are a vulnerable group already, even without adding the addiction aspect. That’s why it is important to take this into consideration as well as that it is into the treatment offered at the rehabilitation centre. That’s why the tailor made treatment model offered by Resort 12 alongside the unique surroundings of the facility is a positive first step along the road to recovery. 

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