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Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hi VENTS! Thanks for having us, we’re excited!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Strangers”?

Marvin (Menz, guitar): Sure! ‘Strangers’ is our latest release from our upcoming UK debut EP ‘Time + Tide’. It’s fast & heavy and super melodic, we love it! It’s definitely one that’s a bit more ‘expectable’ from us, knowing our previous work and in comparison to ‘I Realise’, the other single off our new EP. It was written at a time when we were unsure where to take Spring.Fall.Sea next. I think we had just arrived in the UK and Dylan (Percy, drums) and I hadn’t seen each other in a couple months, so it was a great way to get back together.

Alex (Ekong, vocals): The first time I heard ‘Strangers’, I was in the crowd watching Marvin and Dylan play a raw, unfinished version of it at their first London show back in 2018. Right then was when the penny dropped for me and I was like, ‘I HAVE to be in this band!’.When Marv asked me to join up with them, I knew I could bring something special to it, and it was so gratifying even hearing my vocals on the demo version of it. To hear it as it is now is an incredible feeling.

Marvin: Yeah, it brought us all together, the ‘Strangers’ theme flows through the whole creation process, too!

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Marvin: Lyrically this song is pretty straight forward I think. It’s about a break up. A tricky one for me personally. When you know that things are over but you’re still really in love, that’s hard! I wasn’t having it… you know that feeling, when things are ending and you get extra attached? Because you’re scared of losing that part of you? It’s terrible, for everyone involved.

When the lyrics came together I was sitting in a hostel crying ‘cause it all made so much sense to me in that moment. I was heartbroken and in complete denial.

We hope you can hear that.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

Marvin: First of all, big shout out to Matty from Clearway Media who made the video. It was great fun. We shot everything in Liverpool. It was freezing! We had temperatures around 0 degrees and the location was kind of open, so the process was a bit painful, which was probably a good thing. It gave everything some extra urgency and energy! A week before the shoot we had a long conversation with Matty and brainstormed all our ideas. He came up with the concept and made it all come to life.

The single comes off your new EP Time + Tide – what’s the story behind the title?

Alex: I came up with that one! There’s an old saying which goes, ‘Time and tide waits for no man’. It basically means that you have to learn to embrace change in the world around and change within yourself, or risk being left behind. That’s been the story of my life for the past year, every song on the record fits into that theme one way or another.

Marvin: “The processes of nature continue, no matter how much we might like them to stop”, that’s the dictionary definition. I have it tattooed on my hands now, which you will be able to see on the artwork once it’s released! It means a lot to us now.

How was the recording and writing process?

Marvin: The writing process took a while, we worked on this for almost a year. The drums were recorded at Shaken Oak Studios. It’s this beautiful, old farm in the middle of nowhere, outside of Oxford. We spent a few days there and the natural sound of the drum room was amazing! The whole experience was great. Everything else was written and recorded in Dylan’s and my room in London. We were sharing a room at the time.

Alex: We worked remotely with our friend Shane Edwards, who’s done work for Hans Zimmer and The Libertines and produced the last couple of Trophy Eyes records. He’s an absolute wizard! He edited the drums and helped us set up a little high-end recording chain for guitars and vocals. He’s a busy man, so we had a month to record everything perfectly and we were really up against it. After that we sent it all off to Shane, he mixed and mastered everything at Karma Sound Studios in Thailand and turned our bedroom recordings into something beautiful.

What role does Bangkok play in your music?

Marvin: Bangkok plays a huge role in our personal lives and our personal lives play a huge role in our music. It was our home for years. It’s where we met and started the band! Without Bangkok we wouldn’t be who we are today and this band probably wouldn’t exist.

For me personally, I had given up on music briefly once. I left my home country because I felt like I was going nowhere. I was playing in bands but none of it felt right. So my idea was to leave and disappear for a while and figure out what else to do with my life.

I think I lasted three weeks before I bought a guitar again. And then eventually I met Dylan, and seeing someone so talented and passionate about music is really what made me want to commit to it again, too. That hasn’t changed until today!

How has your time getting to meet all these different cultures have influenced your writing?

Marvin: Getting to live in different cultures makes you re-evaluate life a little bit. What is important in life? Different cultures have different answers to that. One of my favourite experiences was meeting my local fruit vendor. He was the happiest man. He never questioned if selling fruits was ‘good enough’. He just knew it was. And I believe he is right! I loved that!

Our music is influenced by so many different styles (or ‘cultures’), too. When we started the band, Dylan and I were really into Japanese shoegaze / dreampop / post-rock. But we listen to so much different music, we hope you can find all of that in our songs.

Alex: I feel like I was able to apply some London flavour to the band too! London is a melting pot of so many different cultures, it influences and inspires us for better and for worse. I’ve lived here my whole life, I love my gritty city, but since I’ve met the boys I feel like they’ve expanded my horizons massively and I’m a better musician and performer for it.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Marvin: Musically it’s often a chain of inspiration. It can either start with a doodle or a proper idea. And the rest of the inspiration comes from there, that’s the theme.

I also believe that songwriters have a sound. When Dylan writes something I can tell it’s his, it just has that vibe. And I’m a fan! I believe it’s the same for me. After that it’s a lot of balancing and elaborating on ideas and sounds and textures and dynamics until we’re all happy.

Lyrically the inspiration came mostly from real life events for this EP. The music came first and then we fitted in words that are interesting, to us at least.

Any plans to hit the road?

Marvin: Yes! In August, we’re teaming up with Searching Out Solutions from Spain and Gentleman’s Brawl from Leeds. We’re going to cities we’ve never played before so we’re excited, it’s going to be our first time in Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham! It’s a Bedlam Bookings tour, too, so it should be great fun, shout out to them.

Aside of that we’re doing our usual thing, playing as many shows as we can. We love to travel so if anyone wants to book us anywhere, hit us up!

What else is happening next in SPRING.FALL.SEA’s world?

Marvin: This release is going to be on our minds for a couple more months.

But we’ve already started working on new ideas so I hope it won’t take too long to start recording again. That’s the plan, create more!

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