How to make it as a fashion blogger/influencer

Being a blogger can be so much fun: you write about things you’re passionate about and that can give you a chance to connect to like minded people. Besides, you can also touch people emotionally by offering viewpoints and visuals that are pleasant to them. Unfortunately, blogging can sometimes be time-consuming and financially straining. It might take you a while until you start earning money that can provide you with a comfortable lifestyle. That’s why it’s important to have financial goals and learn how to reach them.

Here are some tips and ideas that can help you earn a living while being a fashion blogger:

1. Have some money, for starters

Many fashion bloggers come from affluent backgrounds which can seem a bit disheartening, especially if you have modest earning and a huge passion for all things fashion. That’s why it’s important to have some money set aside that can get you going. Instead of getting into debt, you should save up and use that money to buy quality equipment such as a good camera and a laptop.

Also, having some savings can help you buy better clothes that you can showcase on your blog.

If saving money seems like a long process, you can ask family members for a loan, but be sure to pay them back as soon as you see some success. You don’t want others to tear down your reputation by badmouthing you behind your back. Also, be sure to invest in a good photographer who’ll do exactly what you want. If you can’t pay for professional photos, find a photography enthusiast that is looking to build up their portfolio, or take your own photos.

2. Make a plan

Many women start blogging in hopes of getting rich and famous overnight. Dreaming big is fine, but you also need to be down to Earth and have realistic expectations. Instead of imagining yourself in Vogue and Elle, start small. Microinfluencers are all the rage now, and for a reason. A person with a well-crafted blog and professional photos with up to 10 thousand followers seems more relatable than someone who boasts more than one million people on Instagram.

So, before you jump into blogging, make sure to have a plan, especially for the first 12 months of your blogging career. Invest in your blog, but don’t go overboard by trying to impress others. If you flaunt high-end brands while still working your nine to five job while sharing a flat, you’ll just seem artificial to those who know you. Your friends and co-workers can play a big part in your initial promotion, therefore it’s important to seem approachable and honest.

3. Focus on learning

Even though most of the influencers are on Instagram right now, having a website is still a must. That’s why it’s necessary to find a reliable person who’ll create a proper website for you. Learning the basics of blogging and digital marketing can help you in promoting your blog. Get some necessary knowledge about If you prefer Instagram as your platform of choice, you should also learn the basics of affiliation and targeting on both the web and Instagram.

There are many affordable courses that can help you there, and if you feel like that’s too much work, you can ask someone you trust to help you there. Same goes for photography and striking a pose. You can copy what others are doing or do your own thing, but always remember that learning is the key to success.

4. Reach out to brands

Dreaming of Gucci or Supreme is fine, but if you want to start collaborating with brands, you need to start reaching out to them first. Also, you should start by finding your niche and starting small. Instead of focusing on big companies, find lesser-known brands that are looking for influencers. There are many interesting brands, and they’re not all related to clothes and swimsuits. First, sit down and write down anything you’d be comfortable advertising. That can be makeup, or footwear, or eyewear or even hair products.

Even if you’re a bit shy, you can use jewellery as the central theme for your blog. Many quality brands aren’t that known, even though they deserve recognition. One of them is Jewelry jealousy blog, so if you prefer accessories and pretty rings and bracelets, you can contact them and ask for a collab. Brands will appreciate being considered but make sure to stick to one or two, so you won’t create confusion and mistrust among your followers and the rest of the blogging community.

5. Be nice and friendly

The world of fashion blogging and influencing can be a cruel and catty place. Everyone’s competing, and yes, there is enough place under the sun for everybody. Still, some bloggers might not be that friendly, which can seem saddening if you happen to cross paths with some of them. In your case, you should focus on being nice and kind to everybody. Don’t be desperate and run after more successful bloggers in the hope that they’ll give you a big break.

These people get contacted all the time, for exact same reasons. Be proud of your accomplishments and never downplay your achievements. That way, there’s more chance of being featured on someone else’s blog or Instagram post or a story.


Trying to make it as a blogger can be more difficult than it seems. But if you’re truly passionate about it, you can make it. Just remember to be kind to those who work for you and always give credit when it’s due. Nowadays, everyone has something to say about others, so being determined, friendly and hard-working are your biggest assets.

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