How to Help Your Customers Understand You?

Helping your customers to understand you is not a story about your customers, nor is it a tale about how to help them understand you better, and it’s important to know that. On the contrary, it is all about the insufficient knowledge about the customer base, poor messaging, blurry targeting and altogether weak communication strategy. Now, below are a few essentials to bring your customers up to speed on all that is your brand.

The Customers

Let’s start with the very necessary basics: do you know who your customers are? If you haven’t kicked off this year by including Generation Z to your customer communication strategy – then we’ve already pinpointed the biggest problem. Gen Zers hold $44 billion of buying power and will account for 40% of US consumer base by next year. They share some commonalities with Millenials and they are quite similar to a degree, nevertheless they are our first truly digital natives and there are a lot of the “wants and the needs” that are distinctive just to them alone and need to be taken into account by marketers.

To win over Generation Z brands should start by transforming to the mobile-first communication method and tailoring their messaging for mobile. To better messaging it is necessary to take into account the descriptive words used by researchers to identify the Gen Zers. They are often painted as fiscally responsible, determined and highly focused. They are described as hard-working and entrepreneurial as well as very comparative, always putting the quality first. As for their online presence – they aren’t much different from Millenials, though the hate for online advertising has worsened and they have new advanced means of blocking ads online completely.

Generation Z won’t listen or try to understand a brand that doesn’t share their values or isn’t taking a stand on important issues. They love personalization, interaction and being a part of the conversation. Jeff Fromm and Angie Read, the authors of the “Marketing to Gen Z” say it is vital to remember not to market to Gen Z, but rather with them.

The Data Collection

How can you help your customers understand you without knowing what they know? Choosing between different data collection techniques can be difficult. There are the e-mail questioners, SM tests or the available social media data collection tools. Though with the high-tech evolution, numerous integrated solutions and endless possibilities for data collection and analysis digital signage should be your first choice. Professional digital signage allows brands to clearly understand how customers see their product or services, collect customer data in real time, apply gamification or make data collection interactive. Nowadays in retail data collection goes as far as determining gender, age, time spent in front of the DS screen, the weight and sizes of shoppers. DS soft can register customers and track them throughout the store. All of the above is used in order to maximize data collection, in-depth analysis and refinement of the customer profile to offer the ultimate personalized shopping experience.

The only recommendation here is: find a digital signage software provider that understands the importance of integration of the customer data analysis into your marketing. Our highly effective data collection is the direct result of our work with the Kitcast DS soft. Check them out at, they’ll help you figure out the precise data to help you to clearly understand customer behavior, adjust your messaging and better communication with your customers.

The Design

Do you remember that famous quote by the Jaguar CEO: “if you think good design is expensive, you should take a look at a price tag for a bad one”? Words to live by. Design matters. If for some reason in 2019 your website is full of those lifeless stockphotos, you are displaying armature unengaging digital signage, or posting same format videos on all of your social media accounts you might as well close the shop – no one is interested in understanding you. The amateurish design will turn away customers and will ruin your business. Honestly, it is hard to overstate the negative impact of dreadful designs. Now is time for thoughtful, carefully crafted and visually pleasing content. So, in order to avoid all of the deadly design sins hire professional help or…no, there is no “or” here – always invest in professional videographers, photographers, web designers, storytellers, etc.

The Common Sense

In order to help your clients to understand your brand, you need to start speaking in their language and be where they are. In 2019 we are all a bilingual crowd, we are fluent in the visual and the high-tech. Meaning, your clients prefer to see awesome visual (preferably video only) content on your SM accounts, website or digital signage. Incorporation of the high-tech interactivity, gamification, personalization, augmented or virtual reality into your marketing will be a clear message to your clients that you have a perfect understanding of your customers “wants and needs”. Use the highly popular influencer marketing or the USG to talk to your consumers and reach new markets. Personalize your targeting to avoid agitation with unwanted advertisement. Be helpful, creative and fun. Use programmatic DOOH to effortlessly reach and precisely target your customers across the country. There are so many ways of advanced and highly effective communication with your clients. Use them. It’s just common sense.

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