Most Horrific Moments from American Horror Story

American Horror Story undoubtedly lives up to its name. The series is packed with mind-blowing twists and turns, many of which are truly shocking or downright disturbing. With brutal murders, sexual violence, terrifying characters and supernatural hauntings, show creators Brad Falchukand Ryan Murphy sure know how to work up the viewers. Here’s a list of the most horrifying scenes from seasons one to three. You can let us know the craziest moments from seasons four to eight.

Season One: Murder House

The School Massacre

This scene is perhaps the scariest because it depicts real-life shootings in American schools which killed many innocent students and teachers. Tate (Evan Peters) is dressed in black, symbolizing death,and walks around while shooting students. His calm and confident demeanor remains merciless as he pulls the trigger on each student, despite their begging and crying.

Violet’s Death Revelation

Violet is shown after hersuicide attempt to make the audience believe she survived. However, things become clearer when she discovers her two-week-old decomposing corpse in the crawlspace. All this time, she was unknowingly roaming around as a ghost.

Rubber Man

We see the Rubber Man in the first episode. He pretends to be Ben (Dylan McDermott), Vivien’s (Connie Britton) husband and rapes her. Later, it’s revealed that psychotic Tate is in the black latex costume and flashbacks show he murdered the pervious homeowners.

Eating Brains for Lunch

Pregnant Vivien is deeply concerned for her unborn baby. Upon housemaid Moira’s (Frances Conroy) suggestion, she eats a bowl of brains to ensure the safe arrival of the baby. This particular scene is truly vomit-worthy. For those of you who still haven’t watched this series, do not eat while watching.

Season Two: Asylum

Dr.Oliver Thredson’sBasement

Oliver (Zachary Quinto) helps Lana (Sarah Paulson) escape from BriarcliffManor and brings her home. However, soon, she realized he is none other than the serial killer Bloody Face. She notices a lamp made from human skin and candy bowl which resembles a skull, which makes her run. She enters a room but falls into the basement through a hidden trapdoor. The basement reveals the sick and twisted side of Oliver. The torture, rape and breastfeeding are too much and definitely not for sensitive viewers.

Lana’s Abortion

In a desperate attempt to rid herself from the serial killer/rapist’s baby, Lana uses a coat hanger to end her pregnancy. The scene is spine-chilling with all the blood and screaming. However, it was a futile attempt as the baby survives and grows up to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Shelley’s Fate

Shelley (Chloe Sevigny), a nymphomaniac, suffered most horribly in Asylum. She became an experimental subject for Dr.Arthur Arden(James Cromwell), who amputates her legs and injects her with drugs after a failed rape attempt. She turns into a zombie-like being called Raspers. Later, Sister Mary (Lily Rabe) disposes her in the school playground, where she is discovered by a bunch of girls.

Bloodthirsty Santa

Santa is supposed to be friendly and jolly but not this one. On Christmas Eve, he goes on a mad hunt and kills people in their homes. He eventually gets caught and ends up at Briarcliff,where he takes some more victims.

Season Three: Coven

Delphine’s Nightly Skincare

Kathy Bates’s character is based on Delphine LaLaurie, a New Orleans socialite known for torturing and murdering slaves. In one episode, she tries to maintain a youthful appearance by applying blood on her face. She goes to extreme lengths and even uses the blood of her husband’s illegitimate infant as an act of revenge.

Queenie and The Beast

This is a messed-up scene where Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) seduces a minotaur and engages in bestiality. The beast is a long-dead slave who was summoned by Marie (Angela Bassett) to exact revenge against Delphine.

Cordelia’s Eyes

Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) is a nice witch, unlike her mother Fiona (Jessica Lange). Unfortunately, everyone has to suffer in American Horror Story, even the good ones. She loses her eyesight but acquires a powerful gift to see into the past. Sadly, it doesn’t stay for long. Then, after many tries to have it back, frustrated Cordelia stabs herself in the eyes with shears.

Every season of American Horror Story is different, but the base elements are the same. It never fails to shock us. It’s like playing different poker games. Speaking of poker, if you want to satisfy your gambling needs without spending money, you might want to check out free online pokies game for Australians.

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