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TRACK BY TRACK: Reach by House of Hatchets

UK Hard-hitters HOUSE OF HATCHETS continue their climb with the release of their debut album, Reach, which arrives on Friday 21st June. Already picking up favorable comparisons to everyone from Killswitch Engage, Slipknot, Deftones and Funeral for a Friend, the towering riff maestros keep on going from strength to strength.

We exclusively asked the band for a track by track insight to the album:

The Moth Song

Ultimately the moth song is about hope. It is about destruction and impermanence. But I’m trying to express the transitionary elements of all things. And that the things that hurt, despair, can themselves be destroyed and transformed. The moth represents rebirth. The group vocals are there to show that we all are connected and all going through our own stuff. You can check out our lyric video for the track, here – https://youtu.be/ZfWn3YBkSSk 


I was trying to speak from my own internal monologue when I’m in a destructive place. So there’s a mixture of self loathing and pushing away. There’s a healthy dose of fear and confession in there as well. I think that we experience emotion in a tapestry. So I’m trying to have a conversation with my demons. For everyone to hear.

The Sick And The Damned

Love through ego can be a monster. This is what I was trying to tap into. SATD it’s an insane telling of obsession and how dangerous things can get when you lose yourself by trying to be everything for someone. There’s also a lot of martyrdom in the lyric. I really wanted something massive to compliment the guitars.


Strength, selflessness, compassion, wisdom, creation, resilience, determination, and intuition. These traits that are female in my book. This is my acknowledgment of the extraordinary in women, it’s a little bit of me trying to express how much my wife means to me and the last part about animals and evolving is the change in the world that we are starting to see.


There is a change afoot. Almost because things are so intense, wiping it out so we don’t have to feel it.  I use we because I don’t think I am the only one to feel this way. I am trying to tap into that anger. But also, all of this will turn, is a reminder that we can absolutely rid ourselves of institutions and constraints if they don’t serve us.


Take obsession and self-sacrifice and jab it with steroids and amphetamines. It’s also unrequited love in a simple way. You’ll notice the lyric is a one-way street, and in fact says that without a need to try I fall a slave at your side. Tapping into an obsessive consuming part of my brain. Watch the video for the track, here – https://youtu.be/k5CMyZiWRdY

Open Ocean 

I remember writing this about a feeling that I had about being trapped in a job, about trying to keep things together, but really living through gritted tough and white knuckles. The second verse is a real confession about me beating myself up to the point I didn’t really recognise myself and feeling like no one could help. 

Black and Blue

Sometimes I can feel so beat up that I welcome the next blow, because at least it is familiar. So, I can feel like a piece of meat, or that I am wearing a mask to hide my real face. Often I feel lost or in a fog. The, few more words, part is about being so sure about my own wretchedness that I didn’t think I could say it. But when I do speak it is better. 


This is about pure vengeance. Aggressive, fighting rage and violence. But I am hoping to show that the lack of forgiveness or such huge emotion attached is poison for both the accuser and accused. I also loved doing the vocals on this, specifically the layered guttural screams. It is also very cathartic.

Last One Lost 

A special song for me, because I had it written in my head, and then sat down with my book and wrote out the lyrics almost entirely in one sitting. There were very little changes from that first draft t the version you hear. Verses and chorus are exact to that initial written lyric. It is an autobiographical account to a failed suicide attempt. I felt it was very important to write about this experience. It is not as much chronological, but certainly the thought process is all there and true.”

For more on the band, see – https://www.facebook.com/houseofhatchets/

http://www.houseofhatchets.com/    https://twitter.com/houseofhatchets

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