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Buying a watch? Top 6 rules before you decide!

There are watches in different styles, shapes and colors. Most people choose a watch that they can wear every day just to see the time. Of course, others prefer to choose multiple watches.

In our current society a lot has changed in the field of technology. One can observe the hour everywhere: smartphone, tablet and of course also on a smartwatch. A watch has therefore been changed from a tool to be able to read the time to a personal accessory and status symbol.

Buying a watch has therefore become a special occasion.

One could now choose a timepiece on the basis of personal choices such as clothing, shoes and rings. Clockworks can therefore be chosen based on skin type and clothing style. Some people find quality and colors much more important than others.

In short, there are many differences between people and timepieces. So a sophisticated accessory!

There are many differences between watch brands as well as between watches under 1 type of brand. With so many choices and differences in the world of timepieces, it is almost a maze to buy a watch. It is therefore certainly advisable to think in advance about personal criteria before you will buy a watch.

Wait a second! How can I choose a watch? No worries, we will help you with 6 tips:

1. Choose a watch that matches your appearance

Everyone looks different! Am I right or not? We have large and small people. There are light to dark skin types. There are hipsters today and tough adventurers on the other. So you also have a watch in different shapes and genres. So choose a watch that you can live with … daily!

2. Select quality watches

Quality, quality and even more quality! I cannot emphasize enough that there are quality differences between brands of watches. It can always happen that differences exist within 1 brand, but usually a leather strap is the same for all other watches within 1 brand.

There are few companies (expensive top brands) where there are many small and important differences between their own line of watches. You usually pay for quality in the world of watches. I certainly don’t want to say that all cheaper and midrange watches are bad, but be critical for a daily worn accessory! There are many brands of watches in a decent price range that you can certainly enjoy for many years. It is a matter of experience, reviews and reputation with brands of watches. Never choose a watch made in China, because it is never sustainable!

3.  Look at the specifications

Specifications are also very important when choosing watches. Need a few examples? Do you have a job as an example where you spend many hours at a desk? Choose an ergonomic watch with mineral glass or a leather strap, because there is less chance that you will scratch leather. For some, leather is much more comfortable to wear than a steel strap. Are you a diver? Then choose a watch with sapphire glass and silicone strap. Sapphire glass is scratch free and since divers are often in the sea under extreme conditions, a solid watch with sapphire glass and water-resistant strap is a must!

4. View your watch as a visually enhancing accessory on your body

For example, a gold-colored watch, the 116500ln, fits beautifully with a cocktail dress or suit. A watch with a white dial and a black leather strap accentuates with black dresses. Be creative and think of the colors!

5. Buy a watch that matches your lifestyle

Everyone has a lifestyle. The intention is that you immediately feel comfortable with your way of life and a corresponding watch in your life.

6. Buy multiple watches

There are a lot of people who only buy 1 watch. They then wear the watch until it is worn out or just stops working.

So another option is to buy multiple watches.

What are the advantages?

You have more choice in colors, types and sizes.

You have less chance of wearing out your watch because you can choose several on different days. You can buy a watch depending on your clothing, emotions or type of season.

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