Here Is Why You Should Buy An 88 Key Digital Piano

Ever since the creation of the acoustic piano, the ever-growing demand of artists and pianists around the world has resulted in innovation and creation of many different types of pianos in the international market.

Traditionally, acoustic pianos are used by most of the professionals who perform on international level. But technology has now led us to the creation of 88 key digital pianos which are powered by electric and have many benefits compared to a traditional acoustic piano. Here are some of the major benefits of owning an 88 key digital piano over an acoustic piano.

Best Option For Students:

Buying an 88 key digital piano is hands down the best option for a piano student. Since it is a full function keyboard, they won’t have to buy a new piano again and again.

An acoustic piano is expensive and sophisticated, a student could easily accidentally break the piano with careless use. Students can easily learn on a digital piano, and when they go on to become professionals, they can progress to an acoustic piano in their home. In fact, keyboards with 88 keys are a full-sized electronic option that usually replicates not only the sound of a piano but also the mechanical action of the keys giving the player a natural experience.

Built In Speakers:

A good feature that all of the 88 key digital pianos have is their built in speakers. You don’t need to buy extra speakers and have extra wires running all over your home to listen to the piano loudly. Built in speakers are often loud enough to be heard all around your house, you can also adjust the volume to limit the sound to a specific area.

Headphone Jack:

Many of the 88 key digital pianos come with dual headphone jacks.  One is for the student and the 2nd one is for the instructor to listen to his student and suggest adjustments accordingly.

The headphone jack also come in very handy when you’re trying to play the piano without disturbing anyone else in your home. Students can listen to themselves and improve their skills all day long without the fear of someone getting disturbed.


Digital pianos are very portable and easy to carry around. You can’t carry around an acoustic piano all the time. This feature is especially helpful if you’re usually travelling a lot and like keeping your piano with you all the time either for professional reasons or just the fun of it.


Acoustic pianos would usually cost you a fortune to buy, they are usually well outside the affordable range of many families. But an 88 key digital piano is much cheaper as compared to an acoustic piano. Even kids can buy and keep these pianos for fun and playing. So, going for an affordable option is always a wise decision, unless you’re an international pianist earning millions from your skills.

Better Interaction With Other Technology:

This feature is what seals the deals for most of the DJs, mixers and music producers. They prefer an 88 key digital piano over the acoustic one because it can be directly plugged into the computer and other music instruments to for recording, editing, mixing and producing purposes.

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