Vladimir Sloutsker: Political activities and protection of the Jewish people

Vladimir Sloutsker is known as an active politician figure, who defends the rights of Jews. He is the founder and president of the Israeli-Jewish Congress, whose main task is to create a relationship between government authorities and other Jewish organizations, to protect the rights and interests of Jews in the territory of the European Union.

However, only a few people know that Mr. Sloutsker had a hard time due to his origin. He hardly entered the university, but all in all, he built an excellent career and even defended his thesis. The future politician and part-time businessmen has always watched the historical formation of Israel. Even when he was forced to leave his native land, due to family reasons. However, despite the long years in a foreign country, his patriotism did not fade. He dreamed of returning to his homeland to help to restore a strong national structure.

In 2011, Vladimir Sloutsker returned to Israel and created the Israeli-Jewish Congress. And already, in 2013 they had organized trilateral dialogue, which became a key element in the attitude towards the Jewish people. Due to the initiatives of leaders of the Jewish diaspora of America, Europe, and Israel, a project of young ambassadors was created to support Jews abroad.

It is a no-brainer that all Jewish population cannot live only in their native territory. Therefore, maintaining Diasporas will help them to be open about their identity and protect their rights.

Vladimir Sloutsker is actively engaged in the change of citizenship laws. He believes that any person who has a Jewish background should be able to obtain Israeli citizenship and be proud of his origin. And it doesn’t matter whether the person lives in his native territory or in a foreign country.

However, the majority of the younger generation does not want to flaunt their nationality, unlike their parents. And this is explained by the fact that anti-Semitism is actively growing in the world. In this regard, Vladimir Sloutsker calls to all governments to pay their attention to the problem of hatred to social minorities. This problem can be solved only by joining forces.

The president of the Israeli-Jewish Congress is in the UK now, because his daughter is studying there. However, he does not lose touch with Israel, actively communicates with the Diaspora and attends important conferences, where he attracts the support of other influential people.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Amber Rudd, noted her support for the Jewish people. Also, she stressed the importance of combating hatred of social minorities, which concerns not only Jews but also other religious organizations.

The problem of the social division is currently central to Vladimir Sloutsker. Therefore, he is trying to adopt the experience of foreign organizations in every way possible. For example, there is an active development of information campaigns in America. They contribute to the fight against religious and national conflicts. When you are watching an American film you can clearly see how people of different races cooperate with each other. Vladimir Sloutsker considers such a policy to be wise and think that it helps to unite society.

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