MOVIE REVIEW: Murder Mystery

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are back together for the first time in almost a decade with Murder Mystery, a fun, entertaining whodunit featuring great chemistry from Sandler and Aniston.

Nick and Aubrey Spitz (Sander and Aniston) are a relatively boring, struggling couple living in New York. Nick is a police officer who has failed the detective’s exam three times, yet tells Aubrey he passed, and is a bit of a cheapskate and Aubrey is a hairdresser who is obsessed with murder mystery content and has hopes that Nick will take her on a European vacation after he promised to do so on their wedding day fifteen years ago. Though barely being able to afford it, Nick books the trip and the two fly off to Europe.  On their flight, Aubrey meets Charles Cavendish (Luke Evans), heir to a billion dollar fortune.  Charles invites Nick and Aubrey to spend the week on his yacht, much to Nick’s dismay.  The two meet a cast of characters including Cavendish’s ex-fiancée Suzi (Kutsuna Shiori), his cousin Tobey (David Williams), actress Grace Ballard (Gemma Arterton), Colonel Ulenga (John Kani), his bodyguard Sergei (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson), the Maharaja Vikram (Adeel Akhtar), race car driver Juan Carlos (Luis Gerardo Mendez), and Malcolm Quince (Terrance Stamp), owner of the boat and host of this little shindig.  Quince announces that Suzi (his current fiancée, much to Cavendish’s displeasure) is the only one to make his will believing the others to be greedy and unworthy of his fortune. Before he can sign the will, the lights go out and when they come back on, Quince is found dead after being stabbed.  Since nobody knows who committed the murder and Nick and Aubrey are the odd-men out, they are the prime suspects and must prove their innocence while also trying to and solve the case.

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Sandler and Aniston are wonderful.  Having worked together in 2011’s Just Go With It, the two have endless chemistr, making us believe that they are this struggling couple just looking for a little spark.  What’s best about the performances here is that Sandler plays the more restrained roll, a rarity in his career.  Yes, Nick has failed his detective’s exam three times, but he still understands how to solve a crime and what to look for in these kind of situations.  Meanwhile, everything Aubrey knows about solving crimes has come from books and T.V. and movies, which causes Aubrey to assist Nick in some regard, yet also makes her super excited that she’s living out some sort of fantasy.  It kind of feels like Murder Mystery is telling us that if you immerse yourself in murder mystery content, you can help solve crimes, which is funny coming from a streaming service that is infamous for shows like Making a Murderer and other content of that nature.  Regardless, Sandler and Aniston make a great pair and I would love to see them do more stuff in the future.  Say what you want about Sandler’s movies of late, the one thing you have to commend him on is his chemistry with is leading women, whether it’s Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Hudson.

It’s really tough to dive into the plot of the film, as anything could give away a spoilers to the mystery.  Credit screenwriter James Vanderbilt (who wrote the masterful Zodiac) for keeping the film tight, twisty, and full of fun and laughs.  I was constantly wondering who the killer was and was genuinely happy with the result.  This is a film that will keep you guessing, yet will have you laughing and invested in the relationship of Nick and Aubrey.

Murder Mystery is yet another successful Adam Sandler Netflix movie.  These movies aren’t going to win any Oscars, but they are fun, entertaining movies and Sandler is having a blast, which is great to see.  Murder Mystery is one of the best Sandler Netflix films.

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