How would you classify your latest work, what inspired its inception?

Ian’s Realm Saga was inspired by two things. My grandsons and my desire to paint a dragon. The dragon is painted. It’s a 4ft X 9ft oil painting and while at work on it I knew I had to write about a young man who was going to conquer that dragon! That boy was fashioned after my grandsons who both grew up without fathers playing an active part in their lives. In a sense, the dragon is the absence of their fathers and the need to learn how to be the man they wished theirs father had been.

How long did it take you to complete?

I’ve rewritten the story a couple of times. I feel after beginning in 2011, it’s just now polished. Maybe I’ll work on it again, who knows?

Who are some of your top 5 authors or writers you look up to & admire?

C.S. Lewis is number 1. He has such a wonderful way with words and ideas and everything he’s written and spoken touches home and my heart.

Tolkien because he was so dedicated to his worlds, his people, and languages. Authors like him you can never get tired of because there is so much meaning and philosophy in his work, in his characters, in his fantasy world.

Joe Abercrombie. I love his Shattered Seas Series.

Erin Morgenstern. Night Circus.

Michael Hauge. Amazing man!

Why do you write?

I find it hard not to write. There are feelings, concepts, ideas, philosophies inside of me that want to come to the surface and those thoughts flow when I write. I especially love spending time in a fantasy world. I love to explore personalities and their reactions to one another. I love to envision wide open country or oceans, or skyscapes, that have never seen the footprint of mankind. I find that fantasy is not an escape, but rather an open window that lets in a breath of fresh air…and a fragrance you just can’t get here in reality.

What’s the biggest take away you want your readers to come away with after reading your latest work?

The Ian’s Realm Saga has a lot to take away. It was written for youngsters, but there’s a lot in there for adults. Ian is forever balking at his lessons, and then learning from his mistakes. Growth is a central theme. Growth and understanding and knowing that nothing is ever going to end happily ever after, but nothing needs to be tragic either, or if it is, there’s always a new beginning.

How is the writing/reading scene in your locale?

I don’t see a lot of readers in this area. I’m not sure why. There are many local authors here in Kitsap, but aside from those authors, people who read seem to be far and few between. I attribute that to all the visual stimuli. Games, TV, Streaming. People are becoming insensitive to the written word. Even newspapers seem to be struggling as well as bookstores. Given that, I do sell more print books than eBooks. So, readers at least like to turn their pages!

What’s the best book you’ve ever read?

Oh my! That’s a hard one. Aside from the Bible? I’m going to go back to my childhood and say the best book in my life beside Scripture that I ever read was Black Beauty and here’s why. It left an impression on me. It softened my heart. Made me cry. Gave me genuine concern not just for animals but for anyone or anything that can’t fight for themselves.

When did you first realize you wanted to become a writer?

I wrote when I was a youngster. I mostly wrote poetry. I was a deep thinker even back then and tended to be depressed. Writing helped me get in touch with my inner self and express my feelings I wouldn’t have normally known were even there. It was therapeutic for me. When my kids were grown, I decided it was time to write a novel.

How have you evolved as a writer over the last year?

I believe my work is getting much more polished, more detailed. Reading and working with a team of professional editors, and reading some more, writing screenplays and again working with editors and professionals who continually challenge me, I think what I’m writing now far surpasses my first novels.

If you could meet, have dinner, have a drink with anyone (writer/non-writer) (dead or alive) who would it be?

C.S. Lewis.

I would just love to bask in his knowledge. Either Lewis, or Michael Hauge.

What’s next for you?  

I’m currently writing book 3.2 of Ian’s Realm Saga which follows Layla Born at Night. Also writing the feature film screenplay to Ian’s Realm, Also promoting the concept film which you can see the trailer for on our website—and I’ve started book 6 also of the Saga.. It has to end somewhere. I think.

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