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Top Gambling Movies Of All Time

Gambling is one of the most pleasurable and widespread of all activities. Most ancient humans gambled, as do most people in the present era, who primarily use phone games.

Now, while gambling can be sinfully sweet, there comes a time when it gets too boring and the body craves rest. When this occurs, gamblers can opt to have themselves a fine meal, finish a bottle of 100-year old scotch and perhaps watch some the greatest gambling movies of all time.

A few of these are listed below. Take a look!

Bond Makes It Happen – Casino Royale was a James Bond movie released in 1967, starring the great David Niven. An updated version was released in 2006, with the muscular Daniel Craig being handed his first role as the gadget-loving super-spy. He creditably performed, and apart from chasing all the pretty women and driving lots of fine cars also out-played a terrorist financier at Texas Hold’em to save the world once again.

We Own Mahoney – Owning Mahoney came out in 2006. It is a gripping tale that is about a diffident bank manager – Philip Seymour Hoffman, who skims funds from the accounts of his customers so as to finance regular gambling trips. As to be expected, his double life cannot be sustained for long.

Count It, Pardner – Experts say that the only way to assure consistent wins at Blackjack is to count the cards. Doing this is however impossible in an online casino. When used in a brick-and-mortar casino, card counting can be used to suppress the ever-present house edge enough for folks to make a killing. To excel at card counting, gamblers must be however very good at maths. And that is the whole point in 21, a movie released in 2008 starring Kevin Spacey in the role of a leader of an eclectic team of some maths geniuses at MIT. Based on a true event, this movie has the aforesaid geniuses using their maths skills to win big at some Vegas casinos. Gripping, suspenseful and enlightening, this movie is a must-watch.

Ride And Prosper – Let It Ride was a movie that was released back in 1989. The term references Roulette and is used when gamblers make a bet that wins and choose to bet again on that same number in the hope of a consecutive win. Anyway, the movie is more about horse racing, not Roulette. It is a comedy about a taxi driver who overhears a fixed race and chooses to bet on the picked horse. He wins big and that is when trouble comes knocking.

Hard To The Eight– Hard Eight is a 1996 movie that has a pro gambler teaching his skills to a protege. This protege starts recording some major successes and meets up with a waitress with whom he gets into big trouble. It is up to the pro gambler to rescue them and that is easier said than done.

Eleven Oceans For Sale – Ocean’s Eleven (2001) is wildly famous in its own right. It is the first out of a few other Ocean’s movies made so far and stars most of the leading men and women of Hollywood. The plot involves a robbery of no less than 3 Vegas casinos, with the take being in the 9 digits. This movie offers thrills and chills to the viewers as it goes on.

All In Or Not? – All In- The Poker Movie was first released in 2009. It is essentially a poker documentary and includes revealing interviews of some of the most famous poker stars in existence. Black Friday is also covered in this documentary and this for those not in the know refers to the day that the US DOJ choose to close all online poker sites, to the eternal disgust and annoyance of the US online poker players.

Hustle And Make It – The Hustler (1961) stars Paul Newman and is one of those movies that established his fame and fortune. In the movie, Newman plays the part of an up-and-coming pool hustler in search of a big break. Eventually, he challenges the best pool player ever and though he comes close to winning, the match eventually loses. A rematch ends up being disastrous.

How Smooth The Gambler – The Gambler refers to the 1974 movie starring James Caan, rather than the mostly underwhelming 2014 release. In this movie, Caan plays the role of a distinguished English professor who has a gambling addiction that is gradually ruining his life. Knee-deep in debt, he gets a loan that would have enabled him to pay his debts and instead gambles and loses the loan. As to be expected, things do not turn out well for him.

Round And Rounders – Released in 1998, this film stars Matt Damon and Johnny Chan. Damon plays the role of an eager young fella dreaming of making it big and getting to play with the likes of the biggest poker players around, one of whom is Johnny Chan. However, following an encounter with an unsavoury Russian mobster, McDermott is rid of his entire bankroll and quits poker playing. However, a friend of his persuades him to return to the table, where they once again face the Russian mobster and play for glory and revenge.

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