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Robots Everywhere

All of the inventions, discoveries, and ground-breaking products the world has undergone due to humanity’s hunger for constant improvements will leave anybody with their mouths wide open when looked at from a bigger picture.

However, this passion has gradually led us towards creating robots, a development that brings feelings of excitement, fear, and anxiety all at once.

The number of robots being created around the world is increasing, without doubt, they are everywhere.

Plain Old Electronics

Old is gold they say, but the rate at which technology has improved in the last twenty years makes it easy to forget that not so long ago, a computer was a piece of incredibly large equipment that struggled to fit in a room.

Unsurprisingly, as Moore’s law predicted, computing power has exponentially increased with the size of computers going in the opposite direction, becoming smaller.

Thanks to the improvements the world has experienced with electronic components, robots have become a possibility. We’ve seen robots of different shapes and sizes.

Humanity is just getting started; there are a lot of trivial, boring, repetitive tasks across many industries. Robots already exist to take care of those mundane tasks.

But, it’s only about to get funky! Robots will be smart; they’ll be able to communicate with each other as humans do. They will be everywhere.

Smart Robots

The concept of Artificial Intelligence has been around since the 1970s. However, most of these concepts stalled due to the lack of sufficient computing power.

Thankfully, computers and high torque servos have become very powerful, and they have created an opening for Artificial Intelligence systems to be created.

AI is driving a lot of robots today, so they are not explicitly programmed to execute tasks anymore. Robots can now learn from previous experiences as humans do.

Remember, robots were supposed to take over trivial, repetitive, boring tasks? Well, that’s not the case anymore as they can now perform smart tasks.


The Internet of Things (IoT) involves the ability for machines, robots to communicate, send critical data to themselves over the internet.

IoT creates an avenue for robots to have a strong network, making them more efficient, providing solutions to tough problems.

Thanks to IoT, smart homes are a possibility, and it’s easier to implement a swarm of robots in factories; working together in different departments to create an effective system.

Self Driving Cars

The world has been raving about self-driving cars for a long time, but while they are not yet dominant on the roads, technology is gradually coming closer to a world with self-driving cars on the road.

Self-driving cars are locomotive robots with the ability to navigate their way to the destination without human effort. Amazing!

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are two factors that will make self-driving cars a possibility.

In a couple of years, with the 5G internet connection becoming a mainstay in many first world countries, communication between self-driving cars will become a piece of cake notwithstanding the distance.

For the pessimists, a world with interconnected self-driving cars on our roads is far from possible, but it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a reality.


On the other hand, the optimists already see a world with robots everywhere, self-driving cars on the roads and AI-driven systems, creating a revolution in different industries.

However, the thoughts of robots being everywhere come with some form of fear: Skynet.

Is Skynet really possible? A world where robots rule humans, enslave them and work towards our doom.

Robots will become very smart; they’ll help use solve incredibly difficult problems, the same way computers helped solve computational problems.

However, Skynet is far from happening. Robots will be everywhere, making the world an easier place to live in, making it easier to find a cure to diseases, providing better security measures.

Robots are everywhere.

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