Didda Joe is a hot R&B artist embarking on a new release and a new tour later this year. With a smooth voice and an amazing musicality, Didda is carving out a new niche for himself and his original music reminiscent of everything we love about 90’s Rhythm and Pop hits. We had the chance to learn more about his upcoming projects. Read on…

Didda Joe, tell us about your summer plans!

Well, it’s gonna be really busy one, I’m getting ready to finally release all this new music I’ve held hostage and also finally hit the road to start my very first Tour! It’s really exciting and I hope the fans are excited too!

What can you tell us about the new music you are currently working on?

Well really I’m just picking up where I left off on my last EP, 1993. My life has been like a movie while going after my dreams, and I wanted to find a way to document and share that story with the fans! So this Next project is what I feel like is the prelude to the next chapter of that story!

What have been your favorite releases from major artists this year?

Definitely Anderson. Paak! He’s been killing it and I’ve been honored to work amongst similar collaborators of his like Shafiq Husayn who is just on a whole different level of music! But I’ve also been taking time to really listen to H.E.R and Summer Walker, Lucky Daye, and now I’m waiting for Ro James to drop, he’s a rockstar and I can’t wait for his new music!

Who do you consider your greatest heroes?

Wow, well I have many heroe, musically. The obvious being MJ and Prince two pillars of my music, but I’d also say Artists like D’Angelo, to Stokley Williams, Hendrix, and even John Mayer and Freddy Mercury, Stevie wonder, Sly stone, the list just goes on and on! Lol

If you had to name 2 of your top inspirations in songwriting who would they be and why?

Prince, hands down! His writing taught me how to paint a vivid picture in my music, sometime I think when you hear music, you get to hear the message, but I like to paint a picture the fans can imagine while they listen! And also Just life, in general I’ve learned that a lot of these vulnerable things in life make the best music, it’s an Artists connection to the world so people can see they’re not alone, others out there are feeling the same things you feel!

It takes a lot of focus and tenacity to make it in the music industry. How do you balance the two?

Really it’s just all about how much you love what you do. If you love making music, performing it, and getting to connect with others, it’s easy to keep going! And of course life happens, but I feel like you learn how to conquer and balance the 2 as you go, it’s all just growth and learning!

Where can we buy your music and support your career on line?

Well as I like to always say, Anywhere you go just look for Didda Joe haha! But every platform you can find me! Apple, Spotify, Tidal, and of course my favorite, SoundCloud! Also you can keep up with me on all social media which is all @DiddaJoe ! And yea, Stay Tuned, There’s A lot coming from me this year and I’m ecstatic to finally share it all with the World!

Thank you for your time today Didda Joe.

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