How to make your home smell good

Simply building a home is not enough. In order to build your dream home and maintain it, you must make it inviting and livable by injecting some good smell in it. But maintaining a clean and well-scented home isn’t the easiest thing, particularly when you have kids and diapers to take care of, food deposits all over the place, and many other odor-prone possessions that you can’t get rid of easily. That is why we are attempting to solve this odor problem for you in this article.

Please read on to discover 8 of the most efficient ways of making your home smell great.

  1. Bring in live plants

Live indoor plants bring in some natural fragrance that no air freshener will ever bring to your home. Besides that, their green color is a boost to your indoor décor; they make your home look both classical and modern. Most importantly, plants take in carbon dioxide that we humans don’t need and substitute it with the oxygen that we inhale. That natural cleaning of indoor air results in a clean and fresh-smelling home.

  1. Keep moisture out

If you live in high-humid areas, it is wise to buy a hygrometer and be using it to measure the humidity levels in your indoor areas. If any of your rooms have a humidity of 60% or more, you may need to buy a good dehumidifier to get the moisture out.

Bathrooms and closets are notorious when it comes to trapping moisture, so you will need to use moisture-absorbing crystals to prevent the highly probable dampness. Bath mats, towels, sponges, and the rugs should also be cleaned often and dried completely before being returned to the indoors.

  1. Keep the windows open

Not unless it is extremely chilly outside, opening the windows and switching on the ceiling fans will help you to get rid of the warm, old, and dirty indoor air and let in the new, fresh, and clean air from the outside. For optimal results, always open all windows and doors in the home for seamless air circulation. However, if you live near an air-polluting plant or a busy street, this method might be counterproductive.

  1. Use candles

Place candles that have long-lasting scents strategically around your indoor spaces and then light them. Concentrate most of them around the TV, fireplace, and the guestrooms where your visitors are more likely to visit.

For places that you can’t light candles, e.g. in the closet or places with fabrics that can catch fire, placing unlit candles in those places will work just fine. Just place many of them therein and then close the door. That scent will be absorbed by the fabrics such that every time you open the door, the good scent will fill the room.

  1. Clean your fridge

If some bad odor is coming out of your kitchen, then there is a probability that something has gone bad in the fridge. Food supplies that have lasted their expiry date and food leftovers that you forgot about could be the ones reining havoc in your kitchen. Take them out ASAP. Clean the shelves, the drawers, and scrub the interiors of the fridge thoroughly. A mixture of white vinegar and dish soap will help you get rid of the odor faster.

  1. Use carpet fresheners

There are many cool over-the-counter carpet fresheners out there that you can buy and spray on your rugs. Or if you are good at making home-made fresheners, go ahead and make some. After spraying the carpets, give them a quick vacuum so that the fragrance is caught up in the fabrics. And what’s more, your vacuum cleaner will also carry some of the fragrance as well.

If a guest decided to drop by unannounced and as such denied you the chance of making or buying a carpet freshener, sprinkle a mixture of baby powder and a little water and then dry the rug. That works best if your rug is whitish but not so much for dark carpets.

  1. Make some simmering water

Simmer water mixed with lavender, citrus, and mint is a game changer in your indoor air quality. Just place the mixture on a stove and let the heat do the rest. A sweet scent will be sweeping through your living spaces all day long.

  1. Odor neutralizers

If you aren’t for the idea of scenting your home, then odor neutralizers will work perfectly for you. All you need to do is install the neutralizer in the kitchen, bathroom, and any other small spaces that are notorious with bad odor. Your guests will be feeling some unique freshness in your home but they won’t be able to figure out how you pulled that off.

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