Can Ayahuasca Really Treat Depression and Other Drug Addictions

Ayahuasca is a psychedelic drug made by the Amazon tribes to be used for religious causes, can this drug really treat drug addictions, alcoholism and depression? Well, before starting the article, lets first get some medical terms out of the way.

  • A psychedelic drug is a substance which acts on the serotonin receptors of our brain and triggers psychedelic experiences. These substances are used in religious rituals and are known to change your consciousness and state of mind.

  • A psychoactive drug is basically a chemical which up on use, causes various changes in your mood, behavior and state of consciousness. These chemicals are often used on purpose by trained medical professionals to treat drug addiction and help treat depression.

  • Hallucinogenic drugs, as the name suggests, cause hallucinations and have the ability to change your perception of reality.

The Story:

It has recently been reported by various tourists visiting the Amazon forest that the magical drink of Ayahuasca made and used at some religious ceremonies in the Amazonian tribes has some amazing benefits of coping with depression and alcohol consumption problem.

How It’s Made?

The drink is actually made by boiling the stems of a vine called Ayahuasca (hence the name Ayahuasca) along with the leaves of chacruna plant, which is said to contain an illegal substance DMT, which is banned from use in most of the countries.

Orally consumed as ayahuasca, the physical effect of DMT often manifests itself in vomiting, nausea and sometimes diarrhoea. However, the Amazon shamans consider this very useful and beneficial, as they interpret it as a signal to empty the body of all kinds of adversities.

It Has Attracted Some Tourism Too!

After the news of all the possible benefits of this drug went viral, there is a constant surge in the number of tourists travelling south America and those Amazonian Tribes, possibly to test the drug themselves and experience its effects on their own body. Most of the tourists are westerners trying to get the experience of the drug. Some of the tourists are actually suffering from some serious mental illnesses and disorders, so, these people are basically looking for a better treatment for their diseases in the form of this magical potion.

The Findings So Far:

There is a very few information collected about its drink and the pros and cons so far. But the people who use it regularly, and some medical experts, after the initial testing and analysis of the collected data, suggest that Psychoactive plants like Ayahuasca, Salvia, DMT or Magic Mushrooms can heal the mind in various ways. These things lead to the fact that this potion can be used to treat various drug and brain related disorders.

Some experts even enlist this potion and all of its components safe and beneficial for human health. Some studies collected the data from various drug abusers from different countries to analyze the data of Ayahuasca users. Analysis proved a connection between Ayahuasca use and increased diagnosis of the brain disorders in various people around the globe. However, the short-term and long-term effects of this drug are yet to be discovered.

Possible Long-Term Effects:

Some research teams have recorded the effects of long term Ayahuasca use on the human body, and fortunately, the regular use of this drug hasn’t yet been connected with addiction or worsening of mental disorders. But in fact, the researchers have connected its regular use with a better brain function and improved mental disorders among other benefits. But the researchers also mentioned with their study that further research is still needed to verify all the mentioned benefits.

In another study, a medical professional has discovered some kind of connection between Ayahuasca usage and improved eating disorders. But the use of this has also been linked to various deaths due to the state of unconsciousness.

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