A Sinking Ship: How To Save a Relationship

We would all like to build relationships which will last forever. However, the reality is different. Almost 50 percent of couples divorce after several years in a marriage or even after several dozens. Some of them make attempts to save their union in different manners: family visits to a psychiatrist, diverse marathons of happiness or on their own.

First of all, it is better to understand the psychological types of people in a couple on the edge of divorce. For some people, it is commonplace to share secrets and troubles with a relevant specialist; they are even ready to open their problems to the publicity participating in voyeur cam projects. On the contrary, for some people, it is uncomfortable to talk about their private life and feelings even with a spouse. In this case, an appointment with a family psychiatrist may be of no use.

However, each relation can be saved if there is something to fight for and the reasons for putting efforts. If at least one out of two is thinking that their relations can be saved, they are worth trying.

Three Steps to Saving Relationships

Thinking of the best moments and focusing on them

When a couple faces problems, mostly, both notice only problems and misbehavior and do not recognize what was and still is good between them. It is useful to remember the most romantic moments which have been experienced in the past. Besides, one shall pay attention to small things like help in doing household chores or understanding if there is a necessity to stay late in the office.

Being grateful

There shall be something to thank for. It can be anything: a fantastic vacation three years ago, positive attitude in case of problems, assistance with relatives, etc. There shall be bright and positive shots in the memory. It is only necessary to find them and not let them be forgotten again. Besides, it is important to verbalize gratitude. The phrase Thank you shall become commonplace so that a partner feels that everything he or she does is noticed and appreciated.

  1. Avoiding conflicts and fights

Whenever there is the feeling of being insulted, one shall avoid expressing strong emotions. They always prevent the objective perception of a situation. Making efforts to keep silent and discuss the situation later, without loud fights, is a great achievement which will make its contribution to revived relations. Besides, being too quick to react, people often misunderstand or do not listen at all to the point of view of a partner. Thus, a gap of miscommunication between them is increasing.

These three steps are just the beginning of a long way. However, after making certain efforts, it is possible to understand if these relations are worth saving. If it has turned out that a partner is indifferent and does not care for this relationship, it is better to pull oneself together and break up with this person despite the feelings. Otherwise, there is a risk to stay unhappy for a lifetime.

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