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Top Summer Home Improvement Ideas

Summertime is just around the corner as you are preparing to finally spend more time outdoors. However, you shouldn’t neglect the need to improve your home and due to favorable weather summer is the ideal time to do this. The alterations you make can be both on the inside and the outside of your house. They will often consist of just a cleaning spree or some repainting but they will definitely improve the look and the functionality of your house. If we got you interested into rolling up your sleeves, here are the top 7 summer home improvement ideas.

Eco-clean the grill

If you own a large backyard, then the months to come will hopefully witness a lot of BBQ bashes. But before you can hold the first barbecue, the grill needs to be spot on. Since you will carry out the scrubbing in nature, you might want to use natural homemade cleaners. You will be amazed by what aluminum foil and some vinegar can do to grease! If you scrub hard enough, this eco-cleaning project will allow for many sausages to be consumed during the next summer.

A programmable thermostat

If you thought that energy efficiency is only important during winter, you were wrong. Installing a programmable thermostat means that you can regulate the cooling power during summer. An AC unit might be your lifeline during the hottest months of July and August but you shouldn’t waste energy. The thermostat can be programmed to blow less cold air during the night because then the air temperature outside drops. Furthermore, a programmable thermostat is considered as a luxury feature so it will significantly increase the market value of your house.

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Ditching the AC unit

Speaking of air conditioning and lower the electricity bill, there is an alternative to AC units if you cannot afford them or you want to save money. A large ceiling fan is the ideal 1-to-1 replacement for the air-conditioning unit if the room is small enough. It will help distribute the fresh air evenly through the house and the best thing is that it doesn’t come with health dangers as an AC unit. Due to its elevated position, it will never blow cold air directly into a person.

Keeping the sun outside

Sunlight has a positive effect on human health but too much sun can pose a health risk especially for skin cancer. That is why the inside of the house should be as dark as possible and this is best achieved using traditional window awnings that will protect the windows against bad weather as well. They are fairly easy to install and they come in different styles and colors to best match the façade of your house. Furthermore, you have several types to choose from, starting from elegant straight drop canvas awnings, all the way to high-tech spring loaded automatic awnings.

Cold light in the bathroom

In case you didn’t know, light can be of different warmth, with 3000k being ideal for human sight. Anything lower than that is called blue light, with the color blue reaching the lowest point. It might not be healthy to stare at it for a prolonged period but it is cool as hell. It’s precisely this cold light that’s ideal for decorating the vanity mirror inside the bathroom. LED strips are cheap to get at any home depot and you call apply then around the edges of the mirror. Once your bathroom turns blue, you will experience a cooling effect in your brain even if the air temperature hadn’t actually dropped. Do we need to mention that LED lights save power as well?

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Moving outside

If you own a backyard, then summertime is perfect for transferring part of your daily activities to it. For example, you can eat your meals in the patio or even better, you can prepare the food outside. By installing an outdoor kitchen you’ll benefit from spending more time breathing in the fresh air. If you are growing a vegetable garden, just imagine how pleasing it is to pluck a pepper, for instance, process it on the spot and consume it within minutes. Um, delicious!

An indoor water feature

Yes, a pool or a fountain outside is nice but these cost money and might be too late to build them so close to the onset of summer. On the contrary, you will find fashionable indoor fountains in your local garden or DIY center. All you have to do is find a suitable place for it inside the house and connect the fountain to a power source to enjoy the soothing gurgle of water. Our advice is to place the fountain among plants in a provisional garden if you own one indoors.

Most of the top summer home improvements listed here are fairly easy to put into practice. Additionally, they won’t cost you too much and will fact save you money, like LED lights, a ceiling fan and indirectly, window awnings as well.

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