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Importance of Lighting in Interior Design

An office or house is a place for you to relax, concentrate on your work or just have fun. That is why it is important that you feel the most comfortable at these places. The lighting in a home or office might change the mood in the room and affect you positively or negatively. Many types of light change the perceived view of the room. Placement and types of lights are important in interior design, and they work in conjunction with colours selections, the amount of natural light hitting a room, the size of the room and the type of furniture that is in there. All these components come together to form the Right lighting that transforms the room into a combination of style and functionality. Andlight.se provides the best lights for your environment to help you brighten your life.

Directional lighting

The lighting in the room can either provide Illumination for the entire room or just highlight very specific components. Positional lighting helps interior designers to highlight and express the user’s moods. Track lighting can help in focusing. Hung lighting like from the ceiling, lights with adjustable legs overlooking wall paintings, flowers, etc., enhance the environment of the room. Mounting stuff on walls also helps the visual look of the room. Recessed lighting can be used on ceilings and floors to create beams of light that are vertical and have a different bloom than central light fixtures.


Interior settings have one major role that is functionality. Every light needs to serve a purpose And not waste electricity. Chandeliers for theme placement etc. can be used because they provide excellent illumination for the room. Wall lights with different length and size are usually used in the entryway hall and can provide lighting that doesn’t damage your eyes. This type of directional or luminescent lighting is used by interior designers everywhere. Task-specific lighting for desks and other areas where the function is more important helps focus the mind.


Man-made lighting or natural lighting can help with the illusion of space. Darker rooms should have a fuller spectrum of natural lights and this can be done by artificial lighting. If the room does not have enough lighting then it feels cramped and with furniture nearby, like a coffee table, sofa, end table, etc., it makes it feel all clustered and small. Smaller lights such as corner lights, wall sconces and centrally hanging or ceiling lights help illuminate the room and create a visually larger space. Natural light applies to any city. Houses or offices both need an illusion of space so that the mind works better. This happens because light bounces off the surface of all the elements in the room and we can see well. Skylights or large windows are important but if you want to control the amount of light that comes in you can also put drapes over the windows. Andlight.se provides lights that can highlight specific parts.

Colour management

Lighting can be used to add or subtract colour from the room. Many surfaces in the room can reflect light off of them and bounce back to our eyes. The colours are enhanced by clear lighting and help the room look visually better. Darker rooms can feel smaller but bright coloured walls do the opposite. The delusion of space increases when light bounces off the coloured walls and the mood changes. Recessed lighting can also illuminate the floors, walls which provide some colour and texture to them. Colours ease the mind and increase functionality. Choosing smooth colours with bright yellow lights are known to help patients with anxiety or other social diseases.

So to help yourself focus and rejuvenate your surroundings, you need natural light and bright lights. Both are essential and a combination is the perfect setting for users and that’s why interior designers rely so much on lighting. That is why to get the best lights, you should check out Andlights.se today!

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