The Importance of IT Support in Start-ups

Whether you are running an enterprise business or a fledgeling start-up you must have the best IT support to ensure the smooth running of your business and to avoid legal issues from aspects such as data breaches.

Throw into this the rapid changes in technology as concepts such as AI are developed and implemented, and the importance of good IT support cannot be overstated.

Finding the Best People

It is important that your teams comprise of good IT professionals that understand the issues and can deliver a good service. Recruiting professionals from companies such as Lynx Pro ensures that you can get the best people for your budget. As a minimum your IT team whether a team or a person, they should have at least an understanding of the following disciplines.


With the rise in the dependence on solid IT systems hacker attacks in the form of phishing and data theft is on the rise. The cost to a business can be huge. Data breaches cost Equifax $4bn in 2017 and throw in applicable laws where data breaches are concerned and you could be paying out a considerable sum in costs.

Moreover, business reputation damage could harm you further. When Ashley Madison data was stolen the reputation of the company was damaged in many ways.

Either costs or reputation damage could finish you as a start-up. So ensure you have people knowledgeable about IT security.

Network Engineering

Network engineers keep systems online and ensure communication functions as it should do. Basically, they are responsible for establishing, administering, maintaining and upgrading the systems, local area networks and wide area networks. They also look after data storage and come into play should disaster recovery measures need to be deployed.

Depending on the size of your business your network can be a highly complicated affair and you may require a team. Smaller simpler networks may be managed by one person.

Web Development

Having a professional website is essential in today’s business world. A good web developer can create a functioning professional website and maintain it. Given the rise of mobile technology and indeed mobile use, it is important your web developer can provide a responsive website for your business.

A good developer can also utilise aspects such as APIs to make your website provide the best offering to your customers and clients.

Digital Marketing

Working closely with a good digital marketer is the best way to get your offering out there. Leveraging channels such as search marketing, social media marketing, engaging the press, and creating thought leadership blogs, there are many areas a good marketer can help you maximise your revenue streams.

Just as importantly your digital marketer can work with your developer to design a site that converts using techniques such as AIDA and well thought out call to actions.

Final Thoughts

A good IT team will keep your business in the game. You will not suffer revenue or reputation damage and as you expand, your IT support staff will ensure that your communication infrastructures remains online and is robust.

Invest in IT support and let your business shine.

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