Tips for Moving in a Hurry

Though moving is a process rife with tiny details and individual tasks, and three or four weeks, at minimum, is generally preferred for doing it right but sometimes, life comes at you fast, like a last minute move.

Basically, there are two primary types of hurried moves including the ones where you don’t have a lot of time between finding out you have to move and the actual move itself and then the ones where you delay a bit too much and find yourself in a fix at a completely unpacked home a couple of days before the movers will arrive. In either situation, figuring out how to move quickly is much needed.

Stay Calm:

First things first, you must not panic. It is often the panic and stress of the situation that makes even the simplest of the things look huge and complicated. If you have just received the information about a big move, you must not start worrying. Instead, you must focus on planning and how you are going to execute it. When things are contemplated with a calm and composed mind, the outcomes are great.


A last minute move is both imminently necessary and utterly difficult task to accomplish. It will make you feel paralyzed by the pending processes needed to be get done. Don’t let instead of letting your moving process stress you, just take a deep breath and get to work crossing items off of the list and the first on the list is to arrange for logistics.

So first and foremost hire either a moving company or rent a truck, depending on if you need professional help with your packing and moving both or you’re planning to do it yourself. If you are using movers, you won’t have much time to do research, so look for options available online to quickly find a list of reputable movers in your area.  Get quotes from two or three companies and then make a decision right away. In peak seasons, it is hard to get a reputable moving company or even the truck, so this is the most important step. Once the logistics is sorted, you can easily think ahead.


The packing will become much easier if you consider getting rid of unwanted and not required stuff. Especially for a last minute move, easy packing is the key to achieve the fast move. Make a quick survey of each room, closet, and cabinet of your and sort out the items no longer wanted or needed. Pack this unwanted stuff separately into three boxes named: donate, sell, and throw away.

Being practical is must as a move is a great time to edit down your things, and a quick move gives you even more privilege to travel lightly. Don’t be greedy or sentimental to just pack everything with the idea that you’ll get rid of things later or may be will keep them. This kind of stuff should be sorted out pre-move which will save your time and energy for the things that really matter. And will also make your move much simpler.

Once your sorting is done. Decide what can be donated as clothes in good conditions can be donated to orphanages, items in poor condition can be thrown away, and extra furniture can be sold online or local stores that deal in used stuff.


Put a bag aside to fill it with the essentials as you can’t afford to misplace in the chaos lately. This bag may include routine medications and important documents you have, phone and laptop chargers, essential toiletries, and not to forget a couple changes of clothes. This is something, you should pack even in a normal move but it’s especially important during a last minute move because in such situation move is more likely to get a bit messier and more exhausting. So once this bag is done, start actual Packing.


Don’t be ashamed of asking help in packing from people near you including friends, family and even colleagues. You can also hire packers as being professionals they will pack your whole house in no time.  Packing companies send professional who are experts in packing things safely and in much less time.


As you are not having much time in hand, you just can’t sort the similar stuff and put them together. You can simply pack one area of in one box. Label the boxes along to be aware of the things. Start from a single room first and move on to another. Empty all the things of a drawer in one box and let the sorting process take a back seat at the moment and do it while unpacking and arranging the things at your new house.

Make plan for after the move activities:

Yes, as important as it is to plan the move, it is equally important to pay attention to what will happen next. When you reach the new home, you may feel at a losing end with no clue where to start from. So,toensure that what started well must end well, you should have a plan for the post-move settlement process as well. Plan how you will unpack, which room would be whose, what you will eat as soon as you will arrive to your new address and how you will make the sleeping arrangements. This will help you to settle in fast and in a smooth process, without disrupting your mental composure.

Above tips can save a lot of time in your unplanned or quick move. Local movers always help home owners in moving in a jiffy when the move comes as sudden news. Make sure your move is safe, secure and stress-free. Take help from the professionals and utilize your precious time in taking care of other important tasks while the professionals take charge of your move.

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