Hi GARRETT, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

It’s pure summer weather and vibes here in Berlin and my new single ‘FIRE’ just got picked up for radio in Europe, so I can’t say life is anything but beautiful right now!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “FIRE”? 

It’s a chill summer dance jam that you want to listen to while relaxing beachside with your favorite people.  But it also tells a really meaningful story…

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?  

Well, I moved to Berlin with two suitcases and my instruments a bit over a year ago, and fell so damn in love with a really beautiful person.  It was the most passionate and intense relationship of my life, and I wanted it to work out more than anything else in the world, but it just couldn’t and didn’t.  It broke me apart in so many ways, and the healing from it completely changed my life.  So I wrote ‘FIRE’ as the goodbye letter to that relationship… the thank you letter… and the memory of saying ‘hey, remember when we had it all?  Nobody could take me higher.’

Any plans to release a video for the single? 

The video is out! My team and I shot it in Majorca, Spain and here, in Berlin.

How was the recording and writing process? 

EMOTIONAL!  It was winter time in Germany… and you know, I had just lost my best friend and the love of my life, and all my friends and family are back in the states.  So I felt very alone, but surprisingly didn’t feel lonely.  Because during the time of writing FIRE, I was finding more and more of myself and my strength.

What role does Berlin play in your music? 

 It has made me realer; grittier.  It has let me explore the darkest parts of me, and shake hands with them.  My music has found more depth, something that feels more solid.  But it’s still super sexy – I’ll never lose my New York City swag. 🙂

How have you somewhat blended your American roots along with your newfound European mind and how has this influenced your musical perspective as a whole? 

 Living here in Berlin has let me let my artistic freak flag fly.  I go to so many different sorts of shows here — Afro-Brazilian music, singer songwriter kind of stuff, trance and folk music concerts… so being exposed to everything, has helped me shape my own sound.  Because I always knew I’d be crossing genres since I basically make sexy spoken word  music. Ha!  Taking elements from all genres has helped me find a more authentic voice for myself.

How do you go on combining your Fashion with your music in a cohesive way? Is easier to pull out? 

 The clothes I wear… the dancing I do… tells a story.  Of flow.  Of harmony.  Of cohesion.  Fashion has always been an integral part of my life and art, and always will be.  Even in my personal life, fashion tells the story of where I am at that current time of my life. Sometimes I wake up wanting to wear eyeliner and latex and some days I want to wear athletic shorts and a tank top.  My art is the same — there’s no separation from it and my life.  It’s all a story, a full vision.

Does the new single mean we can expect new material – how’s that coming along?  

It’s sooooo amazing!  And yes!  My first EP will be out in late July.  And even though I produce my own stuff, I’ve also been working with a few new producers and that’s keeping me excited to explore more depths to my sound. I’m just hungry to create, so keep an eye out for so many more releases through the end of the year and beyond!  

Any tentative release date or title in mind? 

The FIRE EP is out end of July. 🙂

Any plans to hit the road?

Yup!  I’m in the midst of setting up shows here in Europe now that FIRE is hitting the radio, and will be playing some shows back in the states in September.  I hope to be coming to Los Angeles – so maybe I’ll see some of your readers there! 🙂

What else is happening next in GARRETT PAKNIS’ world?

Love And Art!  I’m just focused on recording new material all summer and will be filming music video after music video.  I’m pretty heavy into work flow right now because it’s what makes me happy.  Some of the videos I’m working on are pretty big productions — definitely my biggest to date.  I’m working with a couple of incredible directors, and have people around me that really love and respect my music and vision, so it just feels really good to be here… getting some traction with my music, but still at the beginning!  I’m thankful and ready for what’s next.

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