Hi folks, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hi! Thanks for having us! We are all extremely good thank you. We are all having a bit of low down time after finishing of the EP, especially Adam.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Immortal”? 

Of course! Aaron asked me (Tanya) about this one recently. When we where all going over the lyric video Aaron came to me and said “i guess you are a fan of Twilight and vampires then” which obviously I am. The guys in the band had already been jamming this song out before I wrote the lyrics for it and it already had been given the project name of Immortal, so I guess vampires fit the bill! 

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song? 

Immortal was actually a pure fluke, or the main chorus riff with the harmonics was. Aaron wrote the riffs for the song checking his guitar was in tune one day. It just burst out! The lyrical content is probably one of few songs where I don’t base it of something in life. Who doesn’t like Vampires anyway?! 

How was the filming process and experience behind the video? 

Well, originally we had not planned on actually creating a lyric video. The entire video is created on software that Adam has used but the only one in the band who gets any of that, is Adam. He tries to talk to us about his software and stuff all the time, none of us understand it! Nathan tries but deep down he doesn’t know either! We just chuck Adam some food and water every once in a while and tell him to get back to work! The next video we do will hopefully have us in it a bit more and then we are planning on doing a full fledged music video after our EP launches. But plans can change. 

The single comes off your new EP Mass X Gravity – what’s the story behind the title? 

It’s an odd one this! Everyone knows how hard it is to pick a name for anything. For the longest time we could not decide on a name. Aaron came up with Mass X Gravity just thinking about planets and science stuff. Aaron and Adam have quite a business look on everything and wanted something that sounded different and that was memorable, ANYWAY! no one in the band liked it apart from Adam and Aaron. As our deadlines got closer we where smashing our heads together trying to think of names and then, till about 3/4 weeks ago it was going to be a self titled EP but Mass X Gravity just kept popping back up. Aaron and Adam then pointed out the fact its the only one we could all remember is the reason we should call it Mass X Gravity. Plus it looks cool! 

How was the recording and writing process? 

Good fun! We fully believe that no matter how many times you practise a song, unless you play it live or until you’ve recorded it you do not know how it truly sounds. This is just due to limitations of a practise room. The writing process at first was slightly frustrating because we have all come from different sub genres of metal or even different genres of music. But eventually we all just had a musical click together and we now have this writing process called the DP Machine. Basically how this works is we all jam out an idea in the room, then Aaron and Adam (sometimes Nathan too) get together and record it at Adams house, this is where all the fun stuff happens as we chop and change stuff and see what we can come up with. some of the songs on the EP are a far cry away from what they used to sound like when we started Destroy Planets. 

How has Korn and Enter Shikari influenced your writing? 

Ever since Adam heard sorry you’re not a winner, he’s gone hunting for a way to mesh Electronica with metal, and actually make it work as professionally, all the while hitting the drums! Korn we all grew up with, simple throw downs and good hooks. Couldn’t resist throwing in a few parts where the bass plays on its own.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics? 

Most of the Lyrics on the EP are around some form of relationship situation I have found myself in, partners who are not right for me or broken family relationships or people not think that you’re good enough. All that kind of stuff. Then the actual instruments is just what happens when the boys knock their heads together and see what falls out! 

Any plans to hit the road? 

There are no current finalised plans for a tour currently. we’ve had a couple of things float around for us to tour and we would all obviously love to but we are still a very very young band that has only just started. We are just sort of dealing with things as they pop up! Adams biggest thing is touring he loves everything about it so we certainly will be doing it, just a question of when and where really.

What else is happening next in Destroy Planets!’ world? 

We have a Metal to the Masses final on the 21st of June in Leeds and a couple of other gigs around the North West but outside of that our current plan is to actually lay low in July up till the end of August so we can write content for an Album. We will no doubt look at doing a music video too. We have played that many shows since we started, far more than we thought we would and done things that we didn’t think we would be doing for a while so we need to play a little bit of catch up with our content! Outside of that or EP will come out on 23/08/19 and we can not wait to see what people think of it! hopefully they like it! 

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