– Hi Guai, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Thank you so much, it´s great to be here! I am doing great , Rafa!!

– Can you talk to us more about your debut album “Dama de Paus”?

Dama de Paus (Queen of Clubs) is a bold and conceputal work about brazilian music and jazz. It’s a world music. It´s produced by Nema Antunes – grammy award winning bass player and right hand man of Ivan Lins for over 20 years. It´s my pride and joy. Dama de Paus is a born classic. It´s colorful, exuberant and tasteful.  It has 10 tracks, 9 originals and 1 remake of a song  by Carmem Miranda with a brand new arrangments with a special guest Andre Ramiro, a Brazilian rapper and famous actor by his performances in Tropa de Elite sequel movies. Other special guest are the Ganhadeiras de Itapuã a female regional  singers group that perform on “Era Uma Vez” song. Dama de Paus is recommended by great reviewers worldwide such as Roberto Menescal, Carlos Lyra, Ivan Lins and more… It´s available in all digital platforms, and I just love this album!

– Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Alquimia”?

Sure. “Alquimia” is a ballad that talks about good enegy and vibes,  and tells us that everything is going to be alright. ALquimia is soft, smooth and tender. It features a guitar solo by Leonardo Amuedo which is fantastic! I love this song.

– How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

“Alquimia” Video Music is all about informal images of a recording session in Rio de Janeiro. No cuts, just some filters in edition. You can see me, my musicians, my friends coming to join us and check it out what´s going on.  It’s an authentic and true portrayal of moments of joy, fun, friendship and music.

– The single comes off your debut album Dama De Paus – what’s the story behind the title?

Before I got the chance to produce my first album, I played a concert named “SENHORITA” (Miss), that I performed only revisions of songs because I did not have my own original songs yet. So, it came to me that this AWESOME song named “DAMA DE PAUS” – written in 1981 by Kzam Gama, that was almost recorded by Elis Regina who died before she could record it, by Tania Maria who was unable to record it because of bureaucratic problems at the time. So, I immediately fell in love with the song, it seemed like it had been written for me! So I gave continuity to my “Senhorita” by giving her an upgrade and turning her into a Dama de Paus (Queen of Clubs).

– How was the recording process?

Dama de Paus album reccording process was something above and beyond, for me. I was producing my first album, so i was very excited and full of hope! I had chosen songs that I loved and I was working wit the greatest musicians of Brazil. I could never have imagined that this opportunity would come in my life. Since I was young, I watched those musicians on television shows, with huge artists, you know. I was only a fan of them. And now, they were there, with me, reccording my album! It´s was a great and magical experience, indeed.

– What role does Brazil play in your music?

My identity, my musicality, rhythm and harmony. We are not just born in Brazil. Brazil in born is born within us. That provides us all this wealth and diversity in our music. And my music is 100% made in Brazil, and for exportation, of course. LOL

– Having gotten to meet and travel around and beyond – how has all these cultures influenced you?

In fact, for this album, all my inspiration came from the influence of Brazil, its magnitude, diversity and its  richness of  colors and flavors. Dama de Paus is an ode of true and warm Brazilian Music, Jazz, Bossa Nova and mostly, Samba.

– How do you go on blending all your different and distinctive influences together? Would the lyrics theme tell you what genre you would be focusing the most?

You know, music is the reflection of a culture, their stories and their past.  Brazil is just that: a mixture of peoples. Europeans, Africans, Indians, Arabs, Asiatics… all came to our land and planted their roots here, in a such way that has created a new people: the Brazilian people. And so it is with our music! Mixed, polythymic, complete and tropical. This is what my music translates on my reccord albums, by the arrangements, melodies, harmonies and even in the lyrics.

– Any plans to hit the road?

Well, I am always on the road when opportunities to go on stage arrive. I love to perform live and see peoples’ reactions. It is a moment of total surrender and love to be with the great musicians and audiences before me. We are now expanding partnerships with managers and bookers, programmers of music festivals all around the world to make concerts and such great moments like that happen more frequently. By the way, if you are reading this and you are in music business, let me know, ok?! LOL

– What else is happening next in GUAI’s world?

We are in a advanced stage of production for my second album that brings a great casting of well known musicians such as Marcelo Martins, Teo Lima, Luiz Brasil, and Arthur Maia  who passed away a few months ago, and has become a Bass guitarist legend, just like his uncle Luizão Maia. Once again, Nema Antunes is in charge of this music production and we have a co-producer Ian Ritchie who is famous for producing some great albums for Roger Waters. This new album is more world music style, as you said before, this work brings all my experiences in distant lands to bear on the music. The first single is expected to come out with a new video  this year, in September. You don’t want to miss it.

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  1. Great interview! Great music! I do recommend tat work!

  2. You go, girl!! It´s a long way to the top but you are making it! Xoxo

  3. Congrats, GUAI! Such a nice work and you are beautiful! Keep going! We love you!

  4. We are so pride of you, and also, we love your music It´s a matter of time to people and whole world get to know you, my dear! All success! Love you!

  5. I am honored to have participated in this amazing project and watch it gaining the world in such a cool way! Much success for you!! I always believed you, GUAI! Xoxo.

  6. GUAI, you are a Muse! Your music is Rhythmic, jazzy, playful, sensuous and classy sound…very, very good. That’s an impressive sound and presence you have.

  7. Guai, o mínimo que você deveria ter é vergonha na cara, se dar uma entrevista assim e se portar no Facebook da maneira que faz, ofensiva, desrespeitosa, acha que é artista e cantora? Você não é nada nem ninguém, é só uma ingênua por achar que cantar bem vai te levar a algum lugar, ser bom já é pré requisito, o que faz a diferença é tratar bem as pessoas, e respeitar o livre arbítrio, antes de você quer pagar de militante feminista, olha pra si mesma e aprenda a ter humildade, poser, falsa e hipócrita. GUAI, I NEVER WILL LISTEN YOUR SHIT MUSIC, WHEN YOU LEARN HOW SPEAK TO PEOPLE WE CAN TALK. GUAI FAKE, HORRIBE HUMAN BEEN, ITS SAD.

  8. You are definitly making it!!! Haters are the most powerfull sign that you are becoming notorious!! LOL Great Power, you go, Girl!! Huge brazilian talent!! Nobody can take that from you!

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