How to take Diamond CBD – How long does a CBD Oil bottle last? How should I take CBD products?

To finally understand how to measure the quantity and determine the dose of Diamond CBD oil we write this article. The answer to this question is not so easy, it will depend on different factors.

How to determine the dose?

The truth is that there is no strict rule that can help us facilitate measurement. Knowing the weight and height can give us certain indicators of daily requirements, however, the biological composition, specific symptoms and especially the prolonged use of drugs with strong adverse effects could affect the effectiveness of Cannabidiol. So the first step is always: Visit a specialist doctor who can prescribe the appropriate treatment.

It depends totally on the specific situation of each consumer. For example, if you have difficulty staying asleep, have a chronic illness or are adopting a wellness approach, a method like a capsule or oil, it would be a wiser option. And the dosage depends on internal factors against your weight, usually. However, the treatment is based more exactly on our levels of endogenous cannabinoids, which we commonly do not measure. How one responds to CBD is independent of its weight and even more a reflection of the lack of homeostasis of the body.

Does height and weight affect?

Well almost. There’s something to do with weight. But you have to take into account the level of body fat. As a result, cannabinoids are attracted to fat, which could hinder absorption into the bloodstream. All those cannabinoids are lipophilic what can be easily absorbed in our fat reserves and therefore not give such a rapid effect.

The theory infers that if you take CBD [orally, sublingually] but 70% goes to your fat deposits, then only 30% circulates in blood to be absorbed, in other words, by taking 100 milligrams under the tongue could result in a real dose of 30 milligrams in blood. If you have a higher percentage of body fat, this could lead to less absorption, and vice versa. It should be noted that these results should be analyzed in greater depth, with a greater number of consumers and in long periods of use, however, these data can help us to have a better vision of the potential of the CBD.

How many drops per day would be recommended?

In general, although 25 milligrams per day is a healthy dose for wellness, some may choose to start with 10-15 milligrams per dose. The reasonable and viable doses of CBD at around 10-40 milligrams per day. The CBD is sometimes 10 times higher than what you would take from the THC.

What if I do not feel the desired effect?

Some anxiety studies demonstrated the effectiveness of CBD but noted that the doses in those studies were astronomically higher than those taken in a capsule or tincture. If we want to treat anxiety, studies that show results and positive effects show [dose] between 800-1,200 milligrams of CBD per day, to buy it would cost a paste.

Combining CBD with THC is also useful for the best possible management of symptoms, whether you are treating anxiety, chronic pain, cancer or another mood disorder. The use of the entire cannabis plant, including THC, leads to a “synergistic” treatment. The total extraction of the plant with CBD will give you more for your money. CBD is the yin of the THC yang and that the two work in harmony to give the best treatment of the symptoms. Sometimes THC is the real workhorse for pain while CBD mitigates any intoxication (although it also acts as its own anti-inflammatory and analgesic).

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