Stress Management – How to Lower Stress and become more productive

Unfortunately, stress is now the worst enemy of our health. We seem to be living in a world where every responsibility and task entails a certain amount of stress and when it accumulates, our bodies and minds suffer. This leads to all sorts of problems, such as disruptions in the sleep cycle, fatigue, depression and heart-related issues. Just think about all the problems that occur because you can’t get enough sleep and your body can’t recover.

So, if we can’t do much to reduce the amount of stress we are exposed to on a daily basis, at least there has to be something we can do to manage stress successfully? Actually, there are many things we can do to keep stress under control and live a life as stress-free as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the most important things.

Stay in shape

People are able to come up with all kinds of excuses for not exercising and keeping fit. But those are simply things they say in order to avoid feeling guilty. The fact is that even just 15 minutes of active exercise a day, even at home, lowers stress and improves the quality of your sleep. That’s because exercising decreases cortisol levels and regulates your sleep schedule. Also, regular exercising improves your confidence, which is also important when dealing with stress.

Diet can do wonders

Many people turn to food in order to relieve stress, which leads to a number of negative consequences. Instead, food should be used to prevent stress and keep our body and mind healthy. Try to eliminate unhealthy, fatty food as much as possible. Instead, try to incorporate more fruit and vegetables as sources of vitamins and other healthy ingredients. Green tea, for example, is a great substitute for your midday coffee, as it’s a powerful antioxidant. Similarly, the so-called superfoods should be looked into. For example, the increasingly popular Siberian Chaga is known to be very beneficial for relaxation and you can even get it freeze-dried.

Monitor your caffeine intake

Most of us can’t even imagine starting our daily routine without a cup of coffee or tea. Unfortunately, for most people, that’s not the only cup of coffee they’ll have that day and that’s when problems start. Coffee, if taken in moderation, can be good for you, but if you drink it in the late afternoon or evening, you’re bound to disrupt your sleep cycle. That, in turn, will lead to being unable to rest well and long enough and you’ll enter this vicious circle that is hard to break. So, be careful how much coffee and tea you take, but bear in mind that chocolate also contains caffeine. Those who realise that the morning coffee doesn’t help them stay calm in the morning hours should definitely consider decaf coffee and tea, because caffeine is not doing them any good.


There are many activities and techniques, such as yoga, meditation and practicing mindfulness, which you should consider if you want to feel more relaxed and calm. The more you know your body, the better control over it you’ll have. Meditation, on the other hand, will help you clear your mind and focus on what really matters. If you do that, you’ll be closer to mindfulness, i.e. being able to observe the reality around you and live in the present moment.

Making time for family and friends

You should make sure you have enough time to spend with those you love and whose company you enjoy. Not only will you get away from all those problems that surround you, but you’ll see that you’re surrounded by people who care about you, which will do wonders for your mental health, especially your confidence.

Avoid working too much

This may be easier said than done, but it’s actually vital to understand that everyone has their limits and that once you go over them, it can be very difficult to return. We all sometimes have to work long hours and we can handle that kind of pressure. However, if that happens often and becomes a routine, we are actually endangering our health. So, make sure you manage your workload and time spent working wisely to stay healthy.

Spending time in nature

Nature helps us relax, which is why we should all strive to spend as much time outside as possible. A brisk walk in a local park will surely help you calm down and relax and imagine what a longer stay could do to you! Make sure you take regular holidays and look for destinations where you can truly relax, be it a coast, a lake or a mountain. Find a place that will allow you to recover from all the stress in your daily life and recuperate. After all, only a healthy person can manage stress successfully.

Dealing with stress is not always easy. However, it’s manageable in most cases and you simply need to do everything in your power to keep stress under control. Otherwise, you’ll seriously damage your physical and mental health. So, follow these tips and don’t let stress get to you… too much. You can also check sites like Betterhelp.

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