Here Is What Keeps Amazon Ahead in The E-Commerce Competition

Amazon is the premier e-commerce store which is globally renowned used by millions of people on a daily basis. Thousands of small e-commerce startups over the years have tried to copy the Amazon’s business model and have failed, while Amazon still continues to grow and dominate the mentioned field.

Success in every field comes with dedication and by following a certain set of rules that are unique yet effective in any given industry. Amazon too has its unique rules and standards that make it an everyday choice for millions of people worldwide. Here is a brief list if things that makes Amazon stand up in the global e-commerce competition.

  1. The See and Seize Strategy:

This is one the best methods that Amazon applies to dominate any emerging fields by discovering it, accessing the exact needs of the potential market and investing all their resources to quickly build a name for themselves in that field. Amazon spends the majority of their resources on research and development, they hire top notch marketers and other experts to explore new areas while improving the existing services.

Amazon has all the financial resources it takes to conduct extensive market research. Amazon also has a well-built brand authority, so, they can easily take over any field they want.

  1. Customer Service:

            Having one of the best customer services I the entire e-commerce industry is what enables Amazon to build a strong bond and emotional attachment with their customers. Amazon’s customer service staff is available 24/7. Amazon customer service number is active all the time to answer all your queries related to any orders. The company also has a dedicated Amazon Phone Number for every country that they provide their services in. You can also call Amazon Prime 1800 Number anytime for queries related to that particular service.

Customer service made Amazon what it is today, they have a very easy stance on returns and customer staff is mostly polite.

  1. Amazon Affiliate Program:

Believe it or not, but one of the main contributing factors towards the success of Amazon is their affiliate program. They have a store-wide policy to give away affiliate links to the bloggers. When anyone clicks an affiliate link and buys one of the Amazon’s products, the link-owner gets a share of the revenue. This method of giving your affiliates a chunk of your revenue builds an unbreakable bond between people and Amazon benefits from the content written on high authority sites about their services and products.

Amazon also provides an opportunity for young entrepreneurs and supports them with business infrastructure and liquidity of their deliveries. Affiliate program of Amazon id a thing that no other e-commerce business has been able to catch up to.

These were some things that are probably making Amazon stand out among rest of the competitors. This practice has set a benchmark in the e-commerce industry which seems nearly impossible to break at this time.

4.Amazon Prime:

Amazon Prime is an exclusive paid service that Amazon clients can avail by paying a monthly fee. The main concept of Amazon Prime is to provide the services that would otherwise be unavailable, or a regular customer would have to pay extra to avail that. Amazon Prime gives you two days free delivery option. Also, you can use prime now to avail an exclusive two-hour delivery. These services also include music and movie streaming features. Amazon recently reported that they had over 100 million Amazon Prime users worldwide. You can also contact on the Amazon Prime 1800 number for any queries.

  1. Strict Quality Control Protocol:

Amazon has one of the best quality assurance systems in the entire e-commerce industry. This is the very basic difference that differentiates a sub-standard site from a top-quality multinational e-commerce setup. Every product seller on Amazon has to first go though all the quality assurance tests to get the product qualified for a listing.

This type of added features assures the customers back home that the product they ordered would be the same as mentioned and displayed on the site. Also, you can return the product easily if you don’t like it.

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