“Cyclops Army” From Subtronics Has Landed

2019 is set to be taken over in a big way by Subtronics. In the wake of him launching his own label Cyclops Recordings, the Philly producer has released his new EP through it. Filled to the brim with punishing drops and expansive soundscapes, Jesse Kardon aka Subtronics is on a roll, breathing new life into heavy dubstep with the Cyclops Army EP.

The EP kicks off with the title track a hard-nosed headbanger record packed with all the wubs and wobbles a person can handle. Next, Subtronics shifts gears for “Glitch Fight,” one that is filled with screechy sound design, stealing your fixation and directing it to the aggressive, yet juicy wobbles. “Loopholes” and “They Call Me” both demonstrate Subtronics’ ability to fuse multiple genres within a single song with their indescribable high-energy.

The producer says: “The Cyclops Army EP is all of my favorite unreleased slappers that I have been refining over the past year. The goal is to blend heavy dubstep and left field bass music while pushing boundaries and doing something unique. The EP will be released on my new label Cyclops Recordings. The label name and EP title are a tribute to the day-ones in my fan group Cyclops Army.’’ 

We’ve been hooked since first listen, so try out the EP for yourself below!

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